Reasons Why You May Be Denied Entry to the USA

cheap flight to usa

For first-time travelers to the USA (or any other country), you must understand that obtaining a visa doesn’t automatically guarantee entry to your desired destination. It, however, indicates that you are eligible to seek entry for the purpose of your visit, and you must appear before an officer of the Department of Homeland Security/Customs and […]

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How to Obtain Vietnam Visa in Nigeria

Vietnam Visa in Nigeria

Vietnam is fast becoming a tourist’s delight in Asia. It is a southeast Asian country known for its beaches and vibrant cities. Nigerian passport holders seeking to visit Vietnam must obtain a visa through the embassy or online.

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Find Your Passport Ranking: Germany has the World’s Most Powerful Passport

World's Most Powerful Passport

According to Passport Index 2017 travel ranking, Germany has the most powerful passport which was ranked by taking account of visa free and visa on arrival countries passport holders have access to.

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List of Countries that give citizenship by birth

countries that give citizenship by birth

Birth tourism has been on the increase in recent years. Having a good second passport can be valuable to you and your children as it saves time and money by allowing visa free travel, enhances investment and business opportunities, and offer benefits that last for generations.

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UK Visa Application in Nigeria and Tips for a Successful Application

UK visa in Nigeria

It suffices to say that Uk visa approval is granted at the discretion of the UKVI, nevertheless, there are basic requirements that applicants must meet to improve their chances of obtaining a UK visa in Nigeria. There are different types of UK visa granted for tourism, work, study, transit, medical purpose, and diplomatic or government […]

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UK Launches 24-Hour Visa Service In Nigeria

UK Visa application

The United Kingdom has launched Super Priority Visa service in Nigeria to allow customers to process their applications within 24 hours.

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How to Obtain a Chinese Visa in Nigeria

Chinese visa requirements

Due to the separate border control policies, ordinary Chinese visas are not valid for entry to Hong Kong or Macau, so travelers must apply for Chinese visas for Hong Kong or Chinese visas for Macau, should they require a visa for travelling to these regions.

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Australian Visa Requirements and Procedure

Australian Visa Application

Australian visa requirements and procedure for Nigerians: Nigerian citizens travelling to Australia require a visa to enter and remain in the country. Find out everything you need to know about applying for an Australian Visa in Nigeria.

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