How To Apply For US Visa In Nigeria

Are you looking to apply for a US Visa in Nigeria? US Visa applications are made through the official website of the US Embassy in Nigeria.

The process is a simple one provided that you spend time reading the instructions.

There are two (2) visa categories which are immigrant and non-immigrant visas. The immigrant is issued to those who intend to move to the US permanently while the non-immigrant visa is issued to travelers to the US on a temporary basis.

A typical example of a non-immigrant visa is the visitor visa which is usually granted for a period of 2 years. The b1/b2 visa, a popular option for tourists is usually combined and issued as one visa. B1 covers business trips while B2 is for tourism such as vacations or visiting family.

Here are the steps you should follow:

How to apply for a US visa in Nigeria:

1.  Visit the official website and complete the assessment to determine the type of visa you require.

2. Complete the visa application Form DS-160 visa application online and generate a bar code for your form. This code will be required when booking an interview appointment. Note that you can download and save this form on your computer till you are ready to submit it online. You will be required to upload it to proceed.

3. The visa application form must be submitted online and the confirmation page printed. You are required to print the confirmation page for your interview. Note that it is possible to schedule an appointment without submitting your form online. All you require is the barcode that was generated on the form. The aplication form can be submitted up until a few days before your interview.

4. Pay your visa fee.

5. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview.

6. Attend your interview at the Embassy. Take your passport, a passport photograph, the DS-160 confirmation page, the visa interview appointment confirmation, and any other document you believe would help your application.

What to Expect:

1. It is important to arrive early for your interview.

2. Your interview may last less than 5 minutes.

3. Documents are seldom reviewed, therefore do not be disappointed if they do not request any of the documents you take with you.

4. Assessment is generally based on the information you provide in your application form and your performance at the interview. Your appearance, demeanor, and response to questions asked matter.

5. Your travel history will be considered.

6. Your appointment confirmation must point to the correct DS-160. Note that you will be turned back at the Embassy if the codes on the DS-160 and appointment page do not match.

7. You will qualify for an Interview Waiver application if you apply to renew your visa within a specified period (use to be one year but now extended to 48 months), provided that you do not violate the terms of the visa previously granted to you. A waiver means that you do not have to attend a physical interview and can use the Drop Box services.

Most visas are granted when you use this service. If there are doubts, you would be advised to attend a physical interview and your passport will be returned to you.

8. If you would like to know the questions to expect during your interview, watch the video below. I also included suggested answers to these questions.

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