Visa-Free Countries For Nigerians

Nigerians Can Travel Visa-Free To These Countries If They Hold a Valid US or UK or Schengen Tourist Visa

Countries who waive visa requirements for citizens of countries who would ordinarily require a visa – if they have a US/UK or Schengen visa, usually provide the terms and conditions. Such terms may include certain visa categories, the maximum duration of stay, or the requirement that the visa must be valid for a certain period and/or the visa must be used at least once. These terms are usually straightforward and you should always read about them on the official websites of the applicable countries.

Because visa policies change often, it is highly recommended that you reconfirm the current status before you travel to any of these destinations. You can do that by visiting the official website for each country to reconfirm their visa policies.

Here are Countries Nigerian passport holders can travel visa-free if they hold a valid US or UK or Schengen tourist visa:

  1. Albania ((valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  2. Belize (valid US visa)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  4. Costa Rica (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  5. Georgia (valid Schengen visa)
  6. Mexico (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  7. Montenegro (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  8. Panama (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  9. Saint Maarten (valid US or Schengen visas)
  10. Sao Tome and Principe (valid US or Schengen visas)
  11. Serbia ((valid US or Schengen visas)
  12. North Macedonia (valid US or UK or Schengen visas)
  13. Turkey (e-visa applicable for holders of valid US, UK, or Schengen visa holders)

For a comprehensive list of visa-free countries for Nigerian citizens, click here.

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