My Experience in Atlanta by Emma


I took a trip to Atlanta, USA to visit my friend, Chiamaka and of course see Atlanta. Chiamaka recently relocated from Maryland to Atlanta and she hadn’t explored the city. My visit presented the perfect opportunity to explore together.

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Runyon Canyon Hike

Runyon Canyon

The Runyon Canyon hike is one of most popular hiking trails in Los Angeles. It is located in the heart of Hollywood and is a great place to spot celebrities, get amazing views of the city and engage in people watching.

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11 Things You Must Do When Visiting Los Angeles

Things You Must Do When Visiting Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is certainly a destination for one’s bucket list. This global city popularly known as the “City of Angels”, is one of the most significant economic engines within the USA. It is home to the famous Hollywood, has a rich cultural heritage and numerous exciting activities and places to see.

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This Hollywood 19th Century Themed Bar Will Blow Your Mind

where to party in Hollywood

If you ever make it to Los Angeles, DO NOT… I repeat, do not leave without visiting ‘NO VACANCY’, a 19th-century themed bar housed in a beautiful Victorian building in Hollywood (off Hollywood Blvd). Sorry for ruining the suspense but this felt so good I want to share.

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7 Culture Shock I Observed in the USA By Emma

culture shock in america

They say “Family is Everything” and i totally agree. To mark my birthday in November 2016, i traveled to the United States of America to spend time with my brother who shares the same birth month with me, with just a day apart. This was indeed one of my best moments. I have traveled to different […]

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8 Interesting Facts I Discovered About Harvard University

Harvard University

I visited Boston, Massachusetts in November 2016 and did a tour of Harvard University where I enjoyed an insider perspective of America’s most prestigious University. Established in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States of America. The tour was led by a Harvard student who took us down memory lane […]

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Explore Southern California with Anouk

Southern California

Southern California is one of the most beautiful areas on the West Coast of the United States and is definitely a destination for one’s bucket list. It is a vibrant tourist destination famous for its fine weather, stunning beaches, numerous amusement parks and the world’s largest entertainment industry.

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How I Embarrassed Myself In Las Vegas


If you know me well, then you already know I can talk my way out of the stickiest situation; but not this time. 

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