How You Can Travel The World And Keep Your Full-Time Job

travel the world and keep your full-time job

People often wonder how I travel as much as I do while working full-time. Others ask how I afford my trips and assume that I am either paid/endorsed to travel the world or I have an “African Prince” who pays for my travels. 🙂 None of that is true. Such questions usually come from an uninformed […]

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Reasons Why You May Be Denied Entry to the USA

cheap flight to usa

For first-time travelers to the USA (or any other country), you must understand that obtaining a visa doesn’t automatically guarantee entry to your desired destination. It, however, indicates that you are eligible to seek entry for the purpose of your visit, and you must appear before an officer of the Department of Homeland Security/Customs and […]

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6 Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Annual Leave

maximize your annual leave

There is no gainsaying that I am passionate about seeing the world. However, I do not have all the time to travel as much as I would love to because I work full time. Nevertheless, I always find ways to maximize the time I have to travel and I will tell you how I do […]

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How to Pack a Suit For Your Next Business Trip

How to Pack a Suit

This article was originally published on Trekbible. Packing might be the most painful stage of travelling—especially when it’s for a business trip. Not only do you have to pass on including laid back attire, but wrinkles in your business suit seems unavoidable. Trust us—we get it. It’s not easy to keep your suit fresh among […]

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Avoid Doing These Things During Long Layovers

Dealing with long layovers

Dealing with long layovers can be challenging. These are some of the things you should avoid during long layovers;

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How to Handle Long Layovers When Travelling Alone

Long layover

Long layover flights are inevitable sometimes. If you are travelling on a budget, you may find yourself settling for a longer flight just to save some bucks to spend on your trip. If you have good company, dealing with a long layover may be quite easy, but what happens when you are travelling all by […]

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11 Things You Must Do When Visiting Los Angeles

Things You Must Do When Visiting Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is certainly a destination for one’s bucket list. This global city popularly known as the “City of Angels”, is one of the most significant economic engines within the USA. It is home to the famous Hollywood, has a rich cultural heritage and numerous exciting activities and places to see.

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