10 Tips For Getting Business-Class and First-Class Seats

Tips For getting Business-Class and First-Class

1. Join a frequent flyer program (if you haven’t, don’t bother reading the rest). 2. Coordinate your miles across similar airlines (e.g. airlines with Star Alliance). Be loyal to 1 or 2 airlines and please allow the miles to pile up. 3. Always log your miles (provide your frequent flyer number at reservation or check-in. […]

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Tips For Travelling When You Don’t Speak the Language

Travelling abroad is always an exciting experience. But, it could be a little frustrating when you are visiting a country where you don’t understand the language. Here are a few things you can do: 1. Learn the basics You don’t have to become a pro at speaking Mandarin or Spanish but you could learn the […]

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10 Budget Friendly Destinations Around the World to Visit

Budget friendly destinations around the world to visit

Everyone wants to see the world, however, account balances can threaten this dream. Travel costs money. Nevertheless, there are budget friendly destinations around the world that you can visit and have a great time. 1. Croatia Croatia is an all-time favorite destination in Europe for so many reasons. On a limited budget, you visit and […]

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Safety Tips for Travelers


Meeting new people, exploring new places and having fun is what travel is all about. However, travelling  is a risk, therefore practicing some safety tips before and while you are on the road may save you from glitches in your travel plans. Here are some safety tips to consider before you travel: 1.   Do […]

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What Do You Know About Travel Technology?

Travel technology

At Wakaholic we keep you updated on the latest trends in the world of travel, tourism, and hospitality. Today, we zoom in on Travel Technology. According to Wikipedia, “Travel technology is the application of Information technology and Communications Technology (ICT) in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry”. Some quick forms of this technology include flight […]

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How Nigerians Can Obtain a Visa to Cuba

How to obtain a visa to cuba

Nigerian Passport Holders who intend to visit Cuba, must obtain a visa at the Cuban Embassy located in Abuja. Types of Cuba Visas There are different types of Cuban visa depending on your reason for visiting. Cuban visas include:   Tourist Visa (Tourist Card) This is valid for 30 days. It is for leisure travel […]

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Before You Book that Hotel

Tips for booking a hotel

You have just purchased a flight ticket and you are set to travel out to that dream destination of yours. What you want to do now is to book and pay for your hotel accommodation. Booking and paying for a hotel is an important decision that you can make to ensure that you have a […]

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5 Tips For Travelling on Land in Nigeria

Land travel is the commonest and most popular form of transportation in Nigeria. Travelling on land in Nigeria could be an interesting and eventful experience for the first time traveller or tourist. Every day, millions of commuters move from one location to the other on different roads, using various forms of vehicular movement including cars, […]

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