The Life of a Traveller


Travellers are nomads, always on the move, they are adventurers, explorers, wayfarers etc. They have the wanderlust, they are a breed of human beings with restless feet, unable to stay in a place for a long time. Travellers come from all walks of life, from bustling cities, vibrant towns, sleeping villages, they come from everywhere. […]

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When Booking Flights, Do Not Make This Mistake

Frontier Airlines Review

When booking your flights, do you read the terms and conditions of your booking? Yes? No? 🤔 I booked a seat on Frontier Airlines from Las Vegas, Nevada to Houston, Texas. It was the first time I was flying with them and I neglected to read the fine prints.  It wasn’t my preferred airline, however, I […]

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The Carry-On Travel Packing Guide

carry-on travel

Carry-on travel is a definitive method to travel. It makes everything simpler. You don’t have to stress over lost baggage since you’ll have your possessions with you all the time. Indeed, the only thing you have to worry about is carrying fluids through security at airports and that is simple to manage. Here are some […]

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Wakaholic List: Top Travel Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With Travelling

travel books

While travel is a physical venture, you can also travel on the pages of books. Reading travel-related books will widen your imagination and motivate you to go out and see the world. Here is a listing of some travel novels you should read. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The Beach by Alex Garland The shadow […]

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Akwa Ibom State

places to visit in Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom is a State located in the South-southern region of Nigeria. It is a very beautiful place to be. It is Nigeria’s land of promise known for its delectable traditional dishes and cultural monuments. Akwa Ibom is also blessed with serene environs with different relaxation centres such as beaches, mangrove forests, five-star hotels, lovely […]

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What To Do When You Miss Your Flight

miss your flight

Missing a flight is every traveller’s nightmare. It could happen for several reasons. Sometimes the fault could be from the airline but most of the time, it is usually the fault of the traveller. You probably overslept, had a flat tire, family emergencies or other unnecessary delays, etc. Missing your flight can leave you feeling […]

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My Experience Flying with Ibom Air

Ibom Air

Ibom Air commenced flight services in June 2019 and I was curious and eager to fly with them. After my horrendous experience on Aero Contractors, the decision to fly with them to Uyo to attend my sister’s Marriage Ceremony was easy.  I boarded Ibom Airlines from MM2 Lagos, en route Uyo , Akwa Ibom State […]

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Tips for Navigating through Nigeria as a Foreign Tourist

Visiting Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated African country and has a vibrant and dynamic culture. The country boasts of unique and inspiring tourist destinations that would wow you. Before travelling to Nigeria, ensure that you have sorted out your visa, accommodation and other logistic issues to avoid having setbacks when in the country. Are you visiting […]

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