Exciting Places to Visit in Lagos

Places to Visit in Lagos

Aside from the everyday traffic and over-population Lagos is known for, it is also a good place to create fun memories. Lagos, otherwise known as Eko, is the commercial capital of Nigeria. It is a vibrant metropolitan city blessed with many exciting places to visit. Speak of exclusive events, festivals, shopping malls, art galleries, museums, […]

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Beautiful African Themed Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower has become a popular tradition where friends of the soon-to-be-bride organize parties to celebrate, learn, advise the bride, and exchange gifts before the wedding. This may be a small tea party with close friends in attendance or an elaborate event. Some may even organize a getaway to an exotic destination with days or […]

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5 Things You Should Know About Airplane Food

Let’s talk about airplane food. At 30,000ft above sea level, airplane food is the real MVT (most valuable thing). I seldom eat before flying, hence I’d force myself to stay awake and keep my neck up till food is served. I cannot afford to wake up & discover that food was served & they passed […]

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7 African Travel & Tourism Facts

Travel & Tourism Facts

1. 2018 witnessed a fast growth rate of Africa’s travel and tourism sector. The number of jobs quadrupled and more than 22.8 million people across the region were employed. 2. Over thirty million new jobs are set to be generated by Travel by 2028. If African countries implement visa reforms to facilitate better travel, work […]

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Always Have a Holiday Booked


The trick to getting through life is always having a holiday booked to look forward to. Honestly, this can be therapeutic. I’m never without a plan. The first step is to secure my leave dates at the beginning of the year and take note of the National holidays. Then I find ways to make my trips happen. When […]

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10 Tips For Getting Business-Class and First-Class Seats

Tips For getting Business-Class and First-Class

1. Join a frequent flyer program (if you haven’t, don’t bother reading the rest). 2. Coordinate your miles across similar airlines (e.g. airlines with Star Alliance). Be loyal to 1 or 2 airlines and please allow the miles to pile up. 3. Always log your miles (provide your frequent flyer number at reservation or check-in. […]

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What to Do If Your Visa Is Denied

what to do if your visa is denied

If you think you gave it your best shot and your visa application was denied, it does not have to be the end of your journey. Even with genuine intentions, the best of us have experienced visa denial from various Embassies. Don’t take it personally, just follow these few tips on what to do if […]

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Travelling by Road in Nigeria: What to Expect

Travelling by road in Nigeria

When travelling inter or intrastate in Nigeria, you should be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly experiences. Depending on the distance between your location and your destination, you will need to book and physically pay for the bus ticket at the motor park. It is best to go early to the park […]

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