How Nigerians can obtain a visa to Cuba

How to obtain a visa to cuba

Nigerian Passport Holders who intend to visit Cuba, must obtain a visa at the Cuban Embassy located in Abuja. Types of Cuba Visas There are different types of Cuban visa depending on your reason for visiting. Cuban visas include:   Tourist Visa (Tourist Card) This is valid for 30 days. It is for leisure travel […]

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Before You Book that Hotel

Tips for booking a hotel

You have just purchased a flight ticket and you are set to travel out to that dream destination of yours. What you want to do now is to book and pay for your hotel accommodation. Booking and paying for a hotel is an important decision that you can make to ensure that you have a […]

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My Story: 11 Years Post-Call to Bar

My Story

21st May 2008, I was called as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. After 5 years in University, and 1 year in Law School, this wasn’t just a dream come true for me, it was another feather in my cap. My parents were elated, my friends were proud of me, and […]

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5 Tips For Travelling on Land in Nigeria

Land travel is the commonest and most popular form of transportation in Nigeria. Travelling on land in Nigeria could be an interesting and eventful experience for the first time traveller or tourist. Every day, millions of commuters move from one location to the other on different roads, using various forms of vehicular movement including cars, […]

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Travelling is More Than a Hobby

Travelling is more than a hobby!

In our current world, the need to travel is more important now than ever. Travelling has become more than a hobby to many people across the world. While some people hold the view that travelling should be done only when necessary, more and more people are realizing that travelling should be an essential activity in […]

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How Nigerians Can Obtain a Visa to Morocco

How to obtain a visa to morocco

Nigerian Passport Holders who intend to visit Morocco,  must obtain a visa at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco. Types of Visa to Morocco Tourist visa This visa is issued for a short period of leisure travel , holidays, tourism, recreation or to visit family and friends in Morocco. Business pursuits is not allowed. […]

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Destinations Nigerians Can Visit With a Valid US, UK or Schengen Visa

destinations nigerians can visit with a valid usa uk and schengen visa

For a Nigerian passport holder, getting a US/UK or Schengen Visa can be such a hard task. The bonus to obtaining any of the three visas is the advantage of traveling to some other countries visa-free. Countries who waive visa requirements for citizens of countries who would ordinarily require a visa – if they have […]

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Scientists Say Traveling Makes Us Much Happier Than Any Material Wealth

long-lasting happiness

Whoever said money cannot buy long-lasting happiness hasn’t tried adventure travel. Do you often wonder why people go shopping the moment they have more money in their wallets or when they feel sad? Yes, material wealth can bring you happiness, although temporarily. Nothing in life guarantees long-term contentment, nevertheless, money can make your life easier […]

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