World Erotic Art Museum, Miami

Erotic Art Museum

As part of my travel adventures in South Beach Miami, I visited the World Erotic Art Museum, located in the heart of the Miami Beach, Florida Art Deco District.  The museum which illustrates the history of erotic art contains over 4000 pieces of the erotic art collection of Naomi Wilzig which dates from antiquities to contemporary times and shows all cultures, […]

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5 Tips For Stress-Free Travel With Children

Travel With Children

Plan Carefully: When you plan to travel with children, understand that children seldom adjust to discomfort. They often require things to be in a certain way. Be intentional and plan for every day that you will be away from your home. With children, it is best to always keep a first aid box or some […]

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List of Countries that Give Citizenship By Birth

countries that give citizenship by birth

Birth tourism has been on the increase in recent years. Having a good second passport can be valuable to you and your children as it saves time and money by allowing visa-free travel, enhances investment and business opportunities, and offer benefits that last for generations. Before you opt for a second passport, you should decide […]

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7 Useful Tips To Guide You When Travelling To A New Destination in Nigeria

travelling to a new destination in Nigeria

Travelling to a new destination should be a fun experience. However, this is not always the case, especially when traveling to a new destination in Nigeria. It is expected that one would feel nervous, particularly in situations where they do not know anyone at the desired destination. Here are seven (7) tips to keep in […]

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Africa’s Great Migration: What to Expect

Great Migration

The Great Migration, also known as the “Wildebeest Migration,” is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. This migration is the ‘greatest wildlife show on earth as more than 200,0000 wildebeest along with gazelle and zebra stragglers charge towards better grazing fields – making it the most unique safari experience in Africa. Where does […]

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11 Tourist Attractions in Calabar

tourist attractions in Calabar

Calabar is located in the Southern part of Nigeria and it serves as the capital city of Cross River state. The state has the motto, “The people’s paradise” and has rich historical relations with western sojourners. Calabar has an old section made up of the Sea Port, Dukes Town church, Mary Slessor’s house amongst other […]

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Travelling Amid Coronavirus: What You Should Know


As coronavirus cases increase across the globe causing severe disruptions to daily life, the tourism industry has been among the hardest-hit sectors. Cruise lines, airlines and hotels airlines see demand plummet as travellers are on high alert. The sharp spread of COVID-19 across the globe has thrown the international travel industry into chaos. Increasing numbers […]

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Visiting Serbia? Read About My Experience in Serbia

visit serbia

Serbia is partly located in Central and Southeast Europe and it is considered one of the Balkan countries. Most of the memories people have about Serbia are war-related, however, it is very important to educate yourself before you visit Serbia, and understand that Serbians have long rebuilt their nation and the country/region is now considered […]

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