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Do You Keep Souvenirs?

Need souvenir ideas? I am not great at collecting souvenirs as I always consider where to place them in my home, nevertheless, I have developed the habit of collecting inexpensive souvenirs of the places I visit; something that would remind me of that destination.They say “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. I believe one of the best souvenirs that create lasting memories is pictures of your travel experiences. I love to keep memorable pictures of events and I have thousands of pictures in my archives.  I consider this therapeutic and I will explain why.

You know the mini-depression that sets in after you spend a large sum of money on an event or vacation? Well, one of the ways I heal is to explore memorable pictures of the fun times I had, pure nostalgia.  This is why I collect souvenirs.

You can find souvenir stores at almost every corner in high traffic, touristy areas in cities and mostly at airports. Most of the items are completely useless but the key to buying great souvenirs is to buy one that truly means something to you. A few suggestions would be stickers for the fridge, bottle openers, key holders, post cards and pens. I am a hoarder when it comes to pens; I carry between 3-5 pens in my handbag (just in case…lol) and guard them jealously.  My friends are careful to keep their pens out of my reach… Lol.

I haven’t been consistent with collecting these souvenirs but I have a few I can show you here. I recently started collecting coins (which makes more sense) and I hope to fill up my coin jar sometime soon.

Do you keep souvenirs??? What is your favorite souvenir from your travel experiences? Share your stories here.




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