How to Pack a Suit

How to Pack a Suit For Your Next Business Trip

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Packing might be the most painful stage of travelling—especially when it’s for a business trip. Not only do you have to pass on including laid back attire, but wrinkles in your business suit seems unavoidable. Trust us—we get it. It’s not easy to keep your suit fresh among all your other belongings as you go from car to plane, etc. But with a little patience and some practice, you’ll be able to do it flawlessly. Here’s how to pack a suit to avoid the wrinkles.

How to Pack a Suit

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The Jacket:

1. Pick up the jacket so that the lining is facing you and fold it in half. Making sure to line the shoulders up with one another.
2. Flip one of the shoulders inside out overtop of the other one so that the lining is on the outside. It’s similar to how you flip a sock over the other when folding them. Got it?
3. Fold the jacket in half so that the lining is the only visible part of the jacket.
4. Optional: place the jacket in a dry-cleaning bag if you happen to have one. Place at the bottom of the suitcase.

The Pants:

1. Find the natural crease in the pant legs. To do this, pick the pants up from the bottom and let them hang upside down. You should be able to see an ever-so-slight line in the middle of each pant leg.
2. Once you find the creases, grab them at these points and lay each pant leg one against the other. They should now be folded so that the pleats are lined up with one another.
3. Fold the pants in half once, and then fold them in half a second time over a hanger. Place them on top of the jacket.

Now you know how to pack a suit.

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