Powerful Lessons Learned In My 4th Year of Blogging

blogging lessons

Every year, I share some of the blogging lessons learned in the past year to inform and guide anyone looking to start a blog and grow their income. I often read that a good number of start-up blogs don’t make it through the first year of blogging. So, for each year that I succeed, I […]

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Why You Should Use a Travel Agency: A Chat With Finchglow Travels

When we talk about travel, we tend to focus on touring experiences. We often neglect those behind the scenes who work with individuals and groups to secure the best travel deals and make the experience hassle-free. Travel agencies are set up to make travelling much easier for customers by eliminating all hassles attached to purchasing […]

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Christmas Day Celebration Around the World

Christmas Day

The Christmas season is here once again! You already know Christmas is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas day which is the 25th of December is a public holiday in many nations of the world and it is observed by Christians and many non-Christians. The celebration is marked by religious gatherings […]

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9 Interesting Facts About Dubai


In the past few years, there has been a buzz around Dubai. The city has become a destination of choice for tourists and investors. Cultural entertainment and business events are hosted in the city year in, year out. You must have probably read somewhere that Dubai used to be a sleepy fishing village. Yes, it […]

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My Experience Flying with Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Before I booked my ticket with Royal Air Maroc, I heard many horrendous stories about this airline. I opted to fly with them despite the negative reviews because their itinerary was my shortest connection to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was also the most economical option. Lagos to Casablanca The flight departed on schedule. Flight […]

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Food Adventure: Indomie Chicken VS. Indomie Relish

Indomie Relish

I reckon that one of the best ways to truly experience local culture when we travel is to try the food, which is why I feature food articles from my adventures around the globe. Today, the experiment is between my favorite Indomie Chicken Noodles and the new Relish Indomie Noodles. The new Indomie Relish comes […]

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5 Destinations in Africa You Should Consider for Your Next Holiday

holiday destinations in Africa

Africa is considered one of the pristine tourist destinations in the world. The continent is home to crystal blue beaches, rich and varied wildlife, and a cultural heritage that dates back centuries. Here are five (5) holiday destinations in Africa that you should consider. 1.         Botswana Coming at the top of the list is Botswana. […]

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Exciting Places to Visit in Lagos

Places to Visit in Lagos

Aside from the everyday traffic and over-population Lagos is known for, it is also a good place to create fun memories. Lagos, otherwise known as Eko, is the commercial capital of Nigeria. It is a vibrant metropolitan city blessed with many exciting places to visit. Speak of exclusive events, festivals, shopping malls, art galleries, museums, […]

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