6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kigali

Set in the heart of Rwanda’s geographic centre and enmeshed between rolling hills, several valleys, and ridges bounded by steep slopes is Kigali.

Kigali which is fondly referred to as the “Singapore of Africa”, is the capital and largest city in Rwanda. Founded in 1907, it is an exciting city that buzzes with a lot of economic, cultural, and tourist attractions to explore.


Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Kigali:

  1. Kigali is one of the safest and friendliest cities in Africa

Blessed with friendly people who are 70℅ rural and who always have a smile on their faces, Kigali is ranked the 9th safest city to visit and Africa’s safest country by the world economic forum. In Kigali, violent crime is almost non-existent.

  1. Kigali is blessed with abundant greenery and landscapes

Eco-loving tourists will find Kigali to be an interesting place to visit. Kigali’s lush vegetation is a scenic beauty. Kigali’s mountainous feature provides adequately for the city’s several National parks which are also some of the country’s natural and tourist attractions.

  1. Kigali’s unique architecture and thriving arts

You will find the clean streets and tree-lined boulevards in Kigali a haven on earth. The architecture of its buildings is a blend of the modern with the past and it will leave you wondering which century you are existing in.

Did I mention that Kigali’s arts are regarded as world-class? You will find several fashion galleries and local crafts centres such as the Rwanda art, the Inema Arts centre which is an art world for young painters and a nice place to buy souvenirs.

  1. Kigali’s haunting history

One of the reasons to visit Kigali should be to learn more about the country’s horrifying history.

Did you know that Rwanda is one of the countries in the world that experienced a devastating genocide in which over 800,000 people were killed in 100 days?

You can learn more about this history at the Genocide Memorial Centre which will give you a peek at how the country is healing and rebuilding itself since the unfortunate event.


  1. Unique Safari and Attractions

Kigali has a bustling safari life that gives one of Africa’s fascinating wilderness experiences. Kigali is home to a large number of animal species including Giraffes, lions, zebras, leopards, golden monkeys, and mountain gorillas which are used for the famous gorilla trekking sport. You will find the Akagera National Park and the Nyungwe forest national park exciting places to visit.

While in the city you should also visit the famous mount Kigali- a mountainous feature that rises to about 6000 ft high and also the Lake Rwanya Kazinga.

  1. Kigali is the heart of Rwanda

Kigali is the country’s cultural, economic, and transportation hub. From Kigali, one can conveniently explore the numerous tourist attractions in the country while having access to the gorgeous hotels and lodges in the city as well as other amazing sights and delights.

If you need one reason more to visit Kigali today, then Kigali’s promise of sumptuous meals and a taste of its unique local coffee would make it impossible to say no.

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