Safety Tips for Travelers

Meeting new people, exploring new places and having fun is what travel is all about. However, travelling  is a risk, therefore practicing some safety tips before and while you are on the road may save you from glitches in your travel plans. Here are some safety tips to consider before you travel:

1.   Do your research before you travel.

Learn about the country you intend to visit. What is their political situation, the cultural norms, the safest spots for travelers, safe places to stay and the areas or regions that should be avoided.

Travel documentation

2.   Don’t flash your wealth.

Don’t go about spending money like you just won a lottery, this just makes you more appealing to scammers and pickpockets. Carry a dummy wallet with little cash in it so that you can give this in case you are mugged.

3.   Stay safe in transport.

Ensure you check that your flight is not rescheduled or cancelled before heading to the airport.  Also, take a map (or download the google maps app) with you whenever you go out. In addition, always take your hotel address with you so you can find your way back.

safety tips for travelers

4.   Get travel insurance.

Not only will your insurance cover any unexpected injuries and trips to the hospital, it can also protect you from theft or loss of personal belongings.

5.   Have emergency information at hand.

Your ICE contacts should include your country’s embassy (if there is one in the place you’re visiting) and local emergency services (police, fire department and ambulance) .

6.   Manage your money.

To avoid getting stranded, know beforehand where to exchange your money for local currency. ATMs may be scarce. In addition, notify your bank before you travel so your debit and credit cards, don’t get blocked for suspicious activities. Always carry a small amount of cash with you.

7.   Keep track of your health.

Take all necessary vaccinations and shots before travelling. Also, take along some painkillers, insect repellants and motion sickness pills.

8.       Learn Common Travel Scams

You should never imagine that you are too smart to be scammed. Criminals are very organized in their operations and anyone can fall prey to their tactics. Be aware of the common travel scams in your destination so you don’t fall prey to crafty or  professional con-artists.

9.       Lock Up Your Valuables

Keep your passport, money and other valuables safe at all times.

10.   Be Aware Of Your Clothing

The less obvious you look like a visitor, the less attention you’ll get from the wrong people. Be conservative and if possible communicate with the locals to know the do’s and don’ts of the community you are in.

Have any more safety tips you’d like to share ? Please share with us in the comments section.

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