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My South African Travel Experience

I was going through my photo archives when I came across some pictures from my South African trip in 2012. It took me down memory lane and I have decided to share that experience here.

I had a few days to explore the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. This was one of my solo trips and I do admit that I was ignorant then, because I paid for a luxury accommodation in Sandton that had a kitchenette I never used, a nice room and bed I seldom slept in, a balcony I never stepped on because it was freezing at the time and a living room where I spent the better part of my trip sleeping on the very comfortable couch with the TV permanently on. Now you see why a budget accommodation is now my preferred option..Lol.

Moving around the city wasn’t the easiest and cheapest thing, I had a taxi on standby to take me to the places I wanted to go. Luckily for me, my hotel was located a few minutes from the popular Sandton City/Nelson Mandela Square, so it was convenient for me to walk to the mall, spend the entire day and walk back to my hotel apartment.

My biggest takeaway from this trip was my visit to the Apartheid Museum which is an interesting museum that highlights part of South Africa’s past and provides a journey of self-exploration into the days of apartheid. The museum uses film, text, audio and live accounts to provide a horrifying yet ultimately inspiring journey from the dark days of ‘whites only’ privilege, through to Nelson Mandela’s historic release from prison.

I also explored downtown Johannesburg which is the historical heart of Johannesburg and visited Nelson Mandela’s humble little house in Orlando West, Soweto, now known as the Mandela Family Museum. This interesting area is famous for its role in the struggle against apartheid, with many sites of historical significance.

I received a ‘guest pass’ to attend the Big Brother Africa Season 7 Eviction show at Sasani Studios which I did and enjoyed every moment.

These memories, I shall cherish for years to come.

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