Royal Air Maroc

My Experience Flying with Royal Air Maroc

Before I booked my ticket with Royal Air Maroc, I heard many horrendous stories about this airline. I opted to fly with them despite the negative reviews because their itinerary was my shortest connection to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was also the most economical option.

Lagos to Casablanca

The flight departed on schedule. Flight duration to Casablanca was 4:30hours. The aircraft was generally warm and uncomfortable with no in-flight movies. The in-flight meal left so much to be desired; we were offered dry bread with yogurt.

The plane was filled with the kind of Nigerians you’d be wary of when traveling; the ones who speak loudly, refuse to stay in the queue, speak rudely and carry onboard 20kg of carry-on luggage. The type of seatmate you pray against on your regular flights. You must then wear patience like a garment.

Casablanca to Rio de Janeiro

I had a smooth experience. The aircraft was newer, larger and nicer. It had a wide selection of inflight entertainment, the meals were great and the service was satisfactory. Flight time to Rio was 9 hours.

Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc

Rio de Janeiro to Casablanca

Again, this service was satisfactory. Flight duration was 8:45 hrs. However, when I landed Casablanca (CMN) Airport, I met a shocker. Read about my experience here.

Casablanca to Lagos

Same rickety plane and the same set of Nigerians you’d want to spend less time with. This time, we were given proper in-flight meals and not just bread with yogurt.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your priorities, you should assess what inconvenience you can handle before flying with Royal Air Maroc. Casablanca Airport has a hotel in Terminal 2. I had an 11-hour layover, therefore I got a complimentary room on my return trip and meal vouchers. The airport hotel room was small and dimly lit. It wasn’t ensuite, bathrooms were located outside the rooms. The staff were generally very rude and loud. Customer service at this airport sucks.

Have you flown Royal Air Maroc before? Tell us about your travel experience.

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