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11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Albania

Most memories people have about Albania are war-related. So when I finally visited Albania and discovered how much progress has been made in recent years, I was thoroughly impressed. Albania is one of Europe’s hidden gems tucked away in eastern Europe. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Albania and would certainly return.

Here are 11 reasons to visit Albania:

1. Albanians are good people – I enjoyed the best hospitality services in Albania. Most people I came in close contact with wanted to know me and were happy to extend nice gestures. Albanians are honest, warm, kind, and hospitable.

visit Albania

2. Albania is affordable. If you are travelling on a budget, then you should visit Albania. It is cheap to travel through Albania. You get value for your money.


3. Tirana, the capital city is stylish, hippie, filled with fancy restaurants and coffee shops, yet, not as crowded as most cities in Europe.


4. Albania has lots of hidden gems – Berat, a city located on the Osum River, in central Albania is a must-see.


5. Albania experiences more sunshine days in a year. The weather is better than what you’ll find in other Balkan countries.


6. Albania is blessed with natural beauty. It has some of the best beaches. Travel to Durres and Saranda for the best beach experiences.


7. The food culture in Albania is phenomenal. Quite similar to what you’d find in the Balkans.


8. You can enjoy the best nightlife here on a budget. Albanians love to be merry.


9. Easy access to other parts of Europe – Albania shares borders with Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro.


10. Albanians have no religious bias. Albanians understand that religion can bring discrimination amongst people, and they strive hard to eliminate this bias. In Albania, it doesn’t matter what religion you practice. They would tell you “It doesn’t matter”.


11. Bunkers are unique to Albania. There are thousands of bunkers around Albania. The Bunk’Art is a must-see, it is a huge bunker that has now been transformed into a tourist attraction.  Other bunkers located in different parts of the cities are now used as nightclubs, cafes, for private parties, etc.


Have you visited Albania before? Do you agree with me?

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