Indomie Relish

Food Adventure: Indomie Chicken VS. Indomie Relish

I reckon that one of the best ways to truly experience local culture when we travel is to try the food, which is why I feature food articles from my adventures around the globe.

Today, the experiment is between my favorite Indomie Chicken Noodles and the new Relish Indomie Noodles.

The new Indomie Relish comes with tomato sauce and thin slices of dried chicken and sausage.

My Verdict

It was a failed attempt to compete with jollof rice. It was bland.

What i would do different if i ever try it again, would be to add the Indomie Chicken Spice to it.

In the meantime, I will stick with my Chicken Noodles. 

Have you tried the new Indomie Relish? Did you like it?

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