Christmas Story

My 2015 Christmas Story by Udy.

I live in Houston, USA, married to an amazing husband and I just had a beautiful baby girl.



I wanted to make my daughter’s first Christmas a memorable one. Unfortunately, my husband was out of the country so I decided to visit my aunt and grandmother in Maryland.





A month passed and boom… we were counting down to Christmas. I started my holiday shopping, thanks to holiday sales, I was able to get gifts for everyone in my family and a few friends. It’s a family tradition to exchange gifts on Christmas Day. More so, you have to hide your gifts so that whoever you are buying gifts for is clueless of what he/she will receive .



I treated myself to the Spa. (Mummy needed some ‘me’ time…lol)



On Christmas Day, we went to church in the morning and gathered for Christmas dinner at my aunt’s place in Lanham, Maryland. We ate, exchanged gifts, made jokes and took lots of pictures. My baby, Elena stole the show, being her first Christmas my family ensured it was memorable. She received lots of gifts and love.



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