How Did You Spend The Holidays? Share Your Stories!

There are many reasons why we love Christmas. From spending time with family and friends, opening gifts and taking a break from work, Christmas is a time for making memories with our nearest and dearest.
I had two weeks in December to create the memories I wanted, so I hopped on the plane to the USA. I spent time in New York City, Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia (I plan to write a separate article on New York City and I will tell you why…lol). And yes, I knew it would be freezing in December so I packed warm clothes and my three paged ‘to do list’.
I put together some pictures here that can tell my Christmas story. You too can tell your story here. Send an email to








Find out what i did in New York City. Read here.

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  1. The photos with the other “pretty” girl in it speaks for me( yes that is me)… My Holidays couldn’t have been spent any better!

  2. Christmas is the best! The city always looks magical. I don’t take pictures outside because it’s cold most times. Funny, last Christmas was so warm and beautiful and I sure had a blast.

    Remind me to pull your ear for not coming over….😭

  3. This is absolutely beautiful.. travelling is always an experience, the thrill of meeting new people and seeing new things is inexplicable…

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