Is Nigeria Safe?

Is Nigeria Safe? What You Should Know Before You Visit Nigeria

Is Nigeria Safe? Do you have safety and security concerns regarding your planned trip to Nigeria? Are you wondering if Nigeria is safe? Here are the resources to consult when thinking of your safety in Nigeria:

What You Should Know Before Visiting Nigeria:

1.  Not all Nigerians are fraudsters. Most Nigerian are hard workers and live their best lives. You would be cheating yourself if you fail to acknowledge that good things can come out of Nigeria.

2. Most parts of the country are safe. The insurgency you read about affects parts of the Northern part of the country. People still live normal lives in other parts of the country – West, South, East, and even part of the North.

3. Nigerians are very hospitable.

Tips for Navigating through Nigeria as a Foreign Tourist

4. Greetings! It is extremely important to greet appropriately those around you when you are in Nigeria. It is considered rude when you do not greet someone in whose company you find yourself. Take care to ask others about how their families are doing as well. This exchange of pleasantries is completely normal, but don’t feel pressured to get into enormous detail.

5. Watch your cell phone: petty crime is fairly common throughout Nigeria, so you should keep small items close by and always in sight. Avoid walking at night, and when you’re checking into your hotel, make sure that security guards are employed or that security gates are working properly.

6. Depending on where you are, language barriers may or may not be an issue. If you are in the main city or travelling to Nigeria with a prearranged guide, English will get you by.

Have you visited Nigeria?

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