South Korea Travel Guide

South Korea Travel Guide: What To Do And Where To Go

South Korea is a beautiful country with many sights and sounds to explore. One of the few first world countries in Asia, her infrastructure is world-class. If you’re planning on visiting South Korea, there are many recommendations on how to make the best of your stay, however, you should consider these things you should/must do when you visit South Korea. 

Here is your South Korea Travel Guide:

1.  Wear Hanbok and immerse yourself in the Korean spirit:

Lovers of K-Drama should be familiar with the hanbok. The hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. It is a semi-formal to formal attire that people wear during traditional occasions such as festivals celebrations and ceremonies. You will see a hundred other foreigners from all walks of life; men, women, and children in their various styles and colours too. It is an experience that would leave you grinning from ear to ear. You’d hopefully make memories that would not easily fade.

2. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace:

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest of the five grand palaces in South Korea. A Grand, Beautiful and famous tourist center. There is a lot of history behind it, including the destruction of this place by imperial Japan, and how it got rebuilt into the world castle it is today. It has a beautiful history. There is usually an admission fee of 3000 Won, (3 USD) save for children under six, seniors citizens, and people wearing Hanbok. You will get to see and probably take a photo with the Royal Guards. According to Wikipedia, in a poll of nearly 2,000 foreign visitors, conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in November 2011, it was stated that watching the changing of the guards is the third favourite activity in Seoul.

3. Visit Gangnam:

Gangnam is the Hollywood of South Korea. This is where the rich and elite live their glamorous and flamboyant lives. It is home to K-Pop and -Drama celebrities. Living in Gangnam equals living in Beverly Hills. You already know why you should visit Gangnam. You also never know, you could run into your favorite K-Pop/K-Drama star.

4. Eat street foods:

What is South Korea without street foods? Just go to “Myeong-dong” and check out the endless line of street food vendors. From rice cakes to rose ice cream, to shrimp pie, to ramen, to cheese hotdog and the many others with different names, there is just so much to eat. The most beautiful part is that there is no shyness or classiness about it. You’d see women in their heels and silk apparel, and you’d see men in their suits and leather shoes. A place for everyone!

5. Visit Jeju Island:

It is such a beautiful and top-rated honeymoon destination spot.

6. Visit the Seoul Tower:

A place with a romantic ambience so perfect for a dinner date. It is the place in the movies where lovers go to seal their love by locking a padlock and throwing the keys away.

7. Grab a meal at a Korean restaurant:

Many restaurants in Korea are barbecue places. The experience is better when you visit with friends. It’s rarely a place you go alone.

8. Visit Boseong Tea Fields:

This is a tea paradise with rolling green leaves, walking trails, and viewing points to gaze upon the beauty of the verdant gardens and watch the skilled workers selecting the best tea leaves. Tea is an integral part of Korean culture.

You could also take part in the Boryeong mud festival on Daechon Beach, visit Hallasan National Park, Huwon secret garden, Hwaseong fortress. Namiseon Island, the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, and other exciting places that will leave you in awe.

There you have it – you South Korea Travel Guide. Have you visited South Korea?

Photo Credit: @wakawaka_titi

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