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4 Easy Ways to Make Friends When Travelling Alone

Do you easily make friends when travelling alone or do you have a hard start interacting with people? Are you an extrovert or introvert? Extroverts may find it’s easier to connect with others compared to a shy introverted person. Here are a few tips to help you make friends when travelling;

1. Don’t overthink it

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It can feel awkward to talk to strangers, but don’t overthink it – it really isn’t that serious. It is impossible to connect with everyone but you most likely would be able to identify whom you can interact easily with. It is the same common sense you’d apply when picking your friends. Have an open mind and be confident.

2. Smile often, and offer help when it is evidently required

Some great friendship begins with a smile or a nice gesture. Look for other people travelling by themselves and start a conversation. E.g offer to take photos of them and ask them to return the favor. Ask for their names and where they are from. If they have been in the city longer than you have, ask for recommendations and if there are places they plan to see, ask if you can join them. Offer your seat if you can, help someone at the door, offer to buy lunch if you can afford it… just do something nice. When people perceive that you are genuine, they would easily let you in.

3. Pick the right accommodation

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It is important to pick the right accommodation. If you are travelling by yourself, it may not be wise to stay far away from the city center. Stay where you would be close to the things you would like to see and places you would like to visit. Opt for Airbnb or hostels if it is your thing.

Breakfast is usually a good time to make friends when travelling alone, so do not order in. Go to the restaurant and have breakfast. Don’t pick an empty table to sit, identify one that has someone or people you’d like to connect with and ask if you can join them. The answer would likely be a “yes”.

When you sit, interact with them if they appear receptive. Ask where they are from and what they are doing in the destination, tell them about yourself and your country. I have connected with some of the best people during breakfast.

4. Join a tour group and connect with others.

Overcome the Fear of Traveling Alone

This is the best way to connect with others when traveling alone. Most solo-travelers would opt for a group tour so they can learn about their destination and connect with other travellers. Most of the friends I’ve made while traveling were people I connected with while on a group tour. We completed the tour, exchanged contacts and hooked up for other tours and activities within the city. You can hardly go wrong with this.

make friends when travelling

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when traveling alone. click on the link below.

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