How to be a Better Tourist

You may take a journey for various reasons, it could be just for travelling sake, for enjoyment, or for a little bit of self-discovery. Whatever your reasons are for packing your bag and taking flight, it is important to keep in mind these nine tips to become a better traveler or tourist:

1. Do your research.

Whether you are going on a trip abroad or going to a local spot, it is very necessary to learn about the place you intend to visit.

Through your research, you will learn things that will help you on your journey. For example, the local language, the currency, or the most popular places you can visit, as well as the dos and don’ts of the place you are visiting.

2. Be open-minded.

Before you go on your trip, prepare yourself and be open-minded, especially if you are going to a country with a very different cultural environment than what you are used to. Remove your prejudice or any hint of negativity in mind, and remember that you are there to open your mind and learn new things.

Traveling is not only for the body but also for the mind. Therefore it is not just enough that you have fun, it is equally important that you learn. Being open-minded will help you become more engaging and insightful throughout your trip.

3. Learn to appreciate.

Learn to be more appreciative. Learn to appreciate their customs and cultures whether you agree with it or not. Always remember that travelling and experiencing new worlds is a great privilege and opportunity.

4. Follow the rules.

Wherever you go on your trip, it is very important to abide by the rules. If you are visiting a more conservative country where public display of affection is prohibited, please refrain from doing so. A good traveller always respects the rules of the place he or she visits.

5. Preserve memories.

Relish at the moment and preserve your memories. Take lots of photos. Take every chance you have to keep those moments because you wouldn’t know if you’ll visit the same destination again.


6. Clean as you go.

Be a clean tourist – dispose of your trash properly. This is the right thing to do as a responsible person.

It is quite disturbing to see pictures of famous tourist spots littered with trash. Throwing trash irresponsibly is pure disrespect to the place you are visiting.

7. Live the experience.

Live the experience and be in the moment! In every place, you visit, put your phone away for a moment, and just enjoy the view. Always remember to take a deep breath first and appreciate what you are experiencing. Be present at the moment.

People spend their lives on social media way too much. Do not let the urge to posts selfies consume you. Respect the place by giving it the time, attention, and appreciation that it deserves.

8. Respect their culture.

Always remember to respect the culture of every country you visit. In order to become a better tourist, you should keep an open mind and respect their customs and beliefs. Just because they live differently from you, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Experiencing someone else’s culture allows us to see their way of living, adding to the knowledge we learn every day. By respecting other people’s culture, we are not only showing our love and appreciation, but we are also showing that we care and that their insights and history matter.

9. Promote their country.

After visiting a country, take the time to promote it. Express your gratitude in any way, by making a donation to their national organization, posting it on your blog, or even sending a thank-you card to your hosts!

By promoting their tourist sites and attractions, you are exposing them to good tourists like yourself and thus helping them boost their local economy. Always show your gratitude for every experience you encounter and every place you visit.

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