Ibom Air

My Experience Flying with Ibom Air

Ibom Air commenced flight services in June 2019 and I was curious and eager to fly with them. After my horrendous experience on Aero Contractors, the decision to fly with them to Uyo to attend my sister’s Marriage Ceremony was easy. 


I boarded Ibom Airlines from MM2 Lagos, en route Uyo , Akwa Ibom State and then back to Lagos.

My Observations:

1) Flights were on time. We boarded atleast 30 minutes before our scheduled departure time.

Dear Ibom Air, please do not join bad gang. Keep this up.

2) Smooth flight. Small fairly new & clean aircraft. The Pilots must enjoy flying this plane.

Dear Ibom Air, you may want to consider employing shorter crew members for now. In this plane, I didn’t just feel tall, I looked tall. 😆

If you’ve met me, then you already know it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for anyone to describe me as tall. Yet, Ibom Airlines made me tall.

Victor, a crew member who was about 6ft tall, walked with his head bent all the time. Poor Victor!!! 😥

3) In flight refreshment was nicely presented.

Dear Ibom Air, who prepared this cupcake? I want another one.🤗


If you plan to visit Akwa Ibom State, certainly, you should fly Ibom Air.

Ibom Air

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