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10 Top Tourist Destinations in Nigeria

If you looking to explore tourist destinations in Nigeria, here are 10 tourist sites you should include in your travel itinerary.

1.        Abeokuta (Ogun State)

The ancient city of Abeokuta is home to one of the most visited historical sites in the country, Olumo Rock. Olumo rock is also home to natural tunnels, unusual tress, natural cantilevers, and scenic gardens on the rock, jagged pathways, and all other wonders of nature. This place is frequented by both local and international tourists all year round.

2.         Yankari Game Reserve

One of the biggest game reserves in the country, the Yankari Game Reserve is in Bauchi State and is home to some of the biggest and most diverse wildlife habitat in the country. They include olive baboons, patas monkeys, roan antelopes, western hartebeest, elephants, buffalos, and a host of others. You can go on a safari tour of the reserve and take breath-taking pictures of the surrounding natural beauty.

While there, explore the close by Wikki Warm Spring and enjoy the unique warmth of this natural spring. Your visit to the reserve won’t be complete if you don’t bathe and immerse yourself in this natural spring water.

3.         Lekki Conservation Centre

This is one of the best-kept nature reserves in the country. This natural enclave offers a serene and tranquil commune with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Covering an area of 78 hectares, this 21-year old conservation cum nature hub is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), and is generally regarded as the icon of nature conservation in the country. The conservation plays host to the unique biodiversity of flora and fauna that is both useful for tourism purposes as well as for scientific value.

4.         Zuma Rock, Abuja

This monolithic inselberg with a human face is actually located in Madalla, Niger State, but to the north of Abuja. Once described as the watchman of the FCT, its majestic presence can be felt from all corners of the city. The best time to visit Zuma Rock is between April and October, at the height of the rainy season, where you will get to see the famous Zuma Rock Fire when the rock literally catches fire as a result of the heavy rainfall. This natural phenomenon has been a source of wonder to many a tourist.

5.         Hi-Impact Planet

If you are looking for an amusement park-style holiday experience? Then the Hi-Impact Planet is the place to be. Located at Km 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibafo, Ogun State, the theme park offers such adventures as Ferris Wheels, Animatronics (lifelike robot animals), Indoor Arcade Games, Hoopla, The Spring Ride, The Dream Machine, The Samba Balloon, The Kite Flyer, Convoy Cars, and a host of other fun games.

6.         Aso Rock, Abuja

While the name itself is synonymous with the country’s seat of power, it is derived from the ancient rock that has come to define this beautiful city. Aso Rock is a 400-meter rock which stands as a very noticeable natural edifice in the FCT. The location is considered one of the prime tourist destinations in the country, as it also is home to the nation’s seat of power. The area houses the Presidential Villa (Aso Rock Villa), National Assembly, and the Supreme Court, although it is only the Aso Rock Villa that is built into the valley of the rock.

Although access to the area has become limited in recent years due to the activities of Boko Haram, it is still partially open to the general public for sightseeing.

7.         Agodi Gardens, Oyo State

This is a beautiful park located in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, south-western Nigeria. In recent years, it has become a prime destination for tourists due to its cool ambiance and serene environment. Also known as Agodi Botanical Gardens, the 150 acres of natural beauty is a cool getaway destination for families and couples during festive periods and weekends. Side attractions at the gardens include waterparks, and leisure walks along the garden paths.

8.         Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

A medieval, German-style castle built in the 1970s in the heart of Kaduna State, this castle is designed with bedrooms modeled after dungeons, and several towers with crenelated walls. It includes a guesthouse with 4 rooms with the main building that incorporates a knight’s hall and a master suite. Also in the expansive grounds of the castle is an outdoor swimming pool for visitors to cool off on hot sunny days, plus a barbeque spot just by the side of the pool. Just by the pool area and through most of the windows of the castle, you get to enjoy a bird-eye view of the surrounding mountains and inselberg. What’s more, the castle also has its own specially designed sauna!

9.         Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos

For beach lovers, Tarkwa bay beach offers an exciting location to mingle with nature and immerse yourself in the sky blue pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Located near the Lagos Harbour, this sheltered beach is popular with swimmers and water sports aficionados. Away from the stressed life of Lagos, this serene and tranquil beach offers a quiet weekend getaway for those who wish to take time off to commune with nature. Unlike most public beaches in Lagos, this place is never overpopulated or noisy as it is a secluded beach. So, if you are looking for a quiet romantic getaway, then Tarkwa beach is the place to be.

10.       Obudu Cattle Ranch

More formally known as Obudu Mountain Resort, this iconic natural tourist destination is located on the Obudu Plateau, close to the Cameroun border, in the North-eastern part of Cross River State. Under the leadership of Governor Donald Duke, the resort grew to become a world-class holiday resort for both local and international tourists.  With an attractive natural landscape and smoke-filled mountain ranges, this place offers visitors a quiet natural wonderland for recreation.

The rooms in Obudu Mountain Resort comprises of chalets, standard rooms, executive rooms, huts, as well as presidential suites. Even though the resort is open to visitors and tourists all year round, peak periods are between October and February, and that is when the sky is at its brightest.

Final Words

There you have it, our list of 10 tourist destinations in Nigeria where you can enjoy the unique natural wonders the country is blessed with. You do not always have to go outside the shores of the country to have the best holiday experience, as the country is blessed with cool tourist destinations for your pleasure.

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