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This Hollywood 19th Century Themed Bar Will Blow Your Mind

If you ever make it to Los Angeles, DO NOT… I repeat, do not leave without visiting ‘NO VACANCY’, a 19th-century themed bar housed in a beautiful Victorian building in Hollywood (off Hollywood Blvd). Sorry for ruining the suspense but this felt so good I want to share.

My friend Sandy visited this bar and couldn’t stop talking about it. Good thing, she didn’t spill the beans but allowed us experience it for ourselves. So here it goes.

We got to the entrance and had our ID(s) checked outside while we waited to go in as a group. We were directed upstairs into what seemed like a 19th century brothel. Photos were not allowed.

Credit: Thrillist

When we got upstairs, we found three dark doors. The first and second were locked, we tried the third one and boom!!! It opened

The room was dimly lit and we found this beautiful lady dressed like a stripper, sitting on a bed. We got confused and thought we were in the wrong room.

The lady enjoyed the confused look on our faces and had this mischievous smile all along. And then she finally spoke…

Omg! I thought to myself… “Was this the end for me? Was I going to be raped?” Lol
She got up, started talking and introduced herself as the Madame of the house and warned that we must NOT return the same way we came. Then suddenly, the bed she sat on started moving and it felt like an earthquake.

Omg… am I still alive? Did rapture happen with me in a bar? 🙂

Then suddenly we saw the stairs, the bed paved way for a dark creepy underground staircase and she beckoned on us to proceed. There was no other way out so we followed through.

Finally, the dark stairway led to this lively bar with an outdoor patio filled with people chatting and having a great time.

Oh dear! The rush of adrenaline was so intense it had us screaming with excitement and hitting the dance floor to get it all out.

The suspense made this experience such an interesting one.

Looking for where to party in Hollywood? Visit No Vacancy. Thank me later. 🙂


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