Food Adventure: Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant

Red Lobster

It was Arrah’s  birthday and she hooked up with her friend Esther, for a birthday treat at Red Lobster (in Gaithersburg, Maryland), a renowned seafood restaurant with locations across the globe.

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Seafood Okro Soup

Okro Soup

It was lunch time in Lagos, Nigeria and  I had this delicious Seafood Okro Soup with Poundo Yam at Lydia’s Place, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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Mexican Food: Where to eat in Cambridge


It was lunch time in Boston, Massachusetts and i had lunch at Naco Taco. Naco Taco is a Mexican restaurant located in Cambridge and has a good selection of beer, fruit drinks and a great ambiance for people watching.

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What is Your Favorite Indian Dish?

Mutton Kadai

It was midnight in Dubai and I had Mutton Kadai & Porata, a popular Indian and Pakistani dish.

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Nigerian Food Recipes by Nseobong

Nigerian Food

I am from a small village in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area in Southern Nigeria. It was awesome to spend the Christmas/New Year holidays with my family in the village.  One of the benefits of spending time in the village is that we have easy access to pure undiluted fresh foods straight from the farm.

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What Nigerians Eat During Christmas

Nigerian food

  1. Rice and Chicken Stew Christmas rice as it is fondly called, served with stew is a staple food of the average Nigerian. What is Christmas in Nigeria without rice and stew? Nothing!

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Have you heard of EggSlut?


Yes you heard right… Eggslut!!! 🙂  This is probably one of the best burgers i ever had. At Eggslut, they make eggs appetizing all day, everyday. If you’re looking for where to eat inside Grand Central Market- Los Angeles, seek the Eggslut Adventure. Thank me later. 🙂 

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Food Adventure: Delicious Dim Sum

Dim Sum

It was lunch time in New York City and I had Dim Sum, a Chinese styled cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food, served in small steamer baskets or small plates, at the Jing Fong Restaurant located in Chinatown, Manhattan.

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