Bosnian Food

Bosnian Food Adventure: Dishes You Must Try in Bosnia

Have you tried Bosnian food before? A big part of visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina is experiencing firsthand the culture and food. If you love spices, then you’ll love Bosnian cuisine. Bosnian Food consists of many spices, however in moderate quantities. Most dishes are light, as they are cooked in lots of water with fully natural sauces.

During my visit to the region, I was thoroughly impressed by the food and the fusion of cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I spent time in Sarajevo and Mostar and explored amazing delicacies on my food adventure. Bosnian food is also inexpensive which makes it even better.

Bosnian Food

When visiting Bosnia you should definitely try the Bosnian Ćevapi, a grilled dish of minced meat usually served with flatbread & a side dish of onions & creamy cheese. I read about it before visiting Sarajevo, hence, it was the first thing I ordered. I had mine with yoghurt & it tasted great. 

Bosnian Food

Another popular dish you should try is Burek which is basically meat, chicken or vegetable filled pastry made of thin flaky dough. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

While in Bosnia, do not miss trying Bosnian coffee which is usually served in the traditional coffee pot. Bosnian coffee has similarities with Turkish coffee. Superstition says the grounds left after drinking Turkish coffee can be used for fortune-telling. The cup is commonly turned over into the saucer to cool, and it is believed by some that the patterns of the coffee grounds can be used for a method of fortune telling known as tasseography.

I believe one of the best ways to truly experience local culture when we travel is to try the food, which is why I explore local food as part of my travel adventures. Do you always try local food when you travel?

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