Brazilian Food

Brazilian Food Adventures in Rio de Janeiro

I had one of my best cooking experiences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I joined Chef Simone (Cook in Rio) in the kitchen where I learned a mix of Brazil´s favorite recipes in one fun cooking class.

Brazilian Food

It wasn’t just cooking, it was an experience. We didn’t just learn how to cook, we discovered exotic ingredients, techniques, flavors and learned more about Brazilian food culture, as well as the history.

I took the Seafood Moqueca class which included fish moqueca, White garlic rice, Banana toasted farofa, Flambeed sausage with onions, Grilled white cheese with pepper jam, Lime and Passionfruit caipirinha and Batida de Coco (coconut alcoholic drink).

Brazilian Food
With Chef Simone and friends from Australia

The highlight for me was discovering similarities between Brazilian food culture and African food. I also loved learning how to make the popular Caipirinha, which is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar, and lime.

Caipirinha is served. 🙂
This was all I drank in Rio – even in the club. 🙂

I believe one of the best ways to truly experience local culture when we travel is to try the food. Below, are some photos of my food adventures in Rio de Janeiro.

Do you try local food when you travel?

I had pork kebab on a cruise boat where we explored the main islands and beaches within Angra dos Reis and IIha Grande
This meal was from the lunch buffet served at Angra dos Reis. I had black beans, rice, fish in batter, fried chicken and some vegetables.
You will find various street food vendors selling this acai berry smoothie in Rio. I had a taste of this while exploring Rocinha favela.
This is the popular Caipirinha, which is Brazil’s National cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar, and lime. I had my first drink while exploring Lapa.
Note that its alcohol content is quite intense, especially when you purchase from street vendors who use cheap liquor.
Drink responsibly.
I found fried plantain in Rio. 🙂
I had this buffet at Rio Sul Shopping Center.
Brazilian Food
After our cooking adventure with Chef Simone, we ate. This meal was tasty and delicious.
It was interesting to see how the popular African Garri (made with cassava) was used to garnish the banana you see on the plate. We also used Palm Oil in this meal.
Interesting right? 🙂
Watch this Experience on my Youtube Channel.

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