Travelling on a cruise ship

Benefits of Travelling on a Cruise Ship

Travelling on a cruise ship is an interesting experience. So whether you’re just touring the oceans to see the expansive blue waters you have only seen in pictures or going on a business trip, cruise ship travel is an experience to remember.

Imagine going on a perfect ocean voyage, floating gently towards exciting ports, with a delightful itinerary and plenty of time to explore your ideal destinations. If that is the mental picture of your dream cruise, chances are you’re imagining a cruise ship. But before you go, make sure you read about what to expect on your first cruise.

What to Expect on Your First Cruise

Here are 7 benefits of travelling on a Cruise Ship:

1. An intimate, relaxed journey

Ships that have fewer than 1,000 passengers allows every traveller to have a  more leisurely, intimate experience. You’ll get to know your fellow passengers, the crew and the boat’s amenities much better than on a large cruise ship. You’ll focus on what matters to you by spending less time trying to find your way around a smaller vessel. You will experience much quicker and easier embarkation and disembarkation, with no long lines for anything onboard when on smaller ships.

2. Entertainment on cruise ships

You never run out of entertainment as you travel by ship. Cruise ship entertainment is second to none. The ship is able to host several movie shops, playing fields, cinema halls, bars, and all other entertainment points you may wan,t due to its large size. Cruise lines give nightly entertainment including poolside bands, piano bar acts, dinner theatre, comedy, and musical revues. There are multiple dining options and an onboard casino offered by most of the bigger cruise ships. The value offered by a cruise holiday is a function of the variety and quality of on-board entertainment offered by cruise ships. This is a major reason why so many people become avid cruisers.

Cruise Experience


3. Someone else does the planning and destination research

Pre-planning of a cruise is optional to the traveller. Cruise ships have shore excursion desk as well as destination experts available for questions. For non-researchers, having someone else do the work is one of the secret advantages of cruising.

4. Visit multiple destinations when cruising

One of the reasons that a cruise holiday is ideal for many people is the ability to visit not just one but multiple ports and countries during a cruise. There is no other holiday that offers a traveller this and the convenience of unpacking only once. There is no need to hire a car and navigate your way around foreign lands as the ship becomes your mode of transportation. For those who just want to cruise, cruising is the perfect holiday solution!

5. Sightseeing

Cruising is equivalent to “transporting your body” from one seashore to another, but it doesn’t stop there! You end up getting so much for free. The many islands you’ve read about in books, the mountains at the lakesides, the hills and other places you have always wished you could visit but couldn’t because they appeared so expensive, yet by just paying for a single ticket, you find yourself enjoying the beautiful sights and wonders that the sea hosts.

6. Affordability

Imagine having to travel by air or by road from Nairobi in Kenya to Seoul in South Korea, making four stopovers where you sleep in very expensive hotels as you wait for the next flight. It would be very expensive. The ship charges relatively less because of its large size, but still make profits due to economies of scale.

7. Cruising Is Romantic

If you have seen the movie, “An affair to remember” you would appreciate sea travel. The vistas of endless ocean, the wind in your hair, the stars twinkling above, all may be clichés but they’re real experiences onboard a ship! A cruise vacation provides plenty of together time for rekindling the spark with your significant other by sharing quality time onshore. Cruise lines also provide special packages for honeymoons, renewal of vows and weddings onboard, and onshore.

Have you had the experience of travelling on a cruise ship? Share your experience and tips with us.

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