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6 important things to bring on a long-haul flight

Long-haul flights can be a brutal test of our endurance. Sometimes these long flights are inevitable; therefore keeping yourself occupied as much as possible can make it more enjoyable. Here are 6 important things to take with you on-board your next long flight.

1. Ipad/Mobile Device
Some flights come with WiFi connections where you can access the internet for a surcharge; usually between $10- $20 for a given number of hours. Having a mobile device or laptop to connect to the internet can help you stay busy and get work done during such long flights.

2. Hand Sanitizer/Wet wipes

This isn’t only for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is a must!!! Airplane facilities are exposed to germs, therefore staying healthy should be a deliberate act. Bring wet wipes to clean your hands frequently especially before having a meal or a snack.

3. Pack a snack
You do agree that most airplane foods taste terrible. Also, you may not get your preferred meal option especially when flying economy class. To avoid hunger pangs, pack a snack.

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4. Pack a book

Traveling gives you enough time to finally read that book you’ve always wanted to. Now you are stuck on a 20 hour flight to Asia, 35,000ft plus; bring a book to read and you will be amazed how time flies when reading an interesting book.

5. Pack warm clothing
Yes, we know airline blankets may not provide the required warmth, therefore packing an extra jacket or thick socks can fix this.

6. Bring your charger

You do not want to arrive at your destination stranded with a dead phone battery. Almost all airlines provide USB charging ports where you can charge your mobile devices.


What do you pack for your long-haul flights? Share your recommendations here.


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