places to visit in Akwa Ibom

Beautiful Places to Visit in Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is a State located in the South-southern region of Nigeria. It is a very beautiful place to be. It is Nigeria’s land of promise known for its delectable traditional dishes and cultural monuments. Akwa Ibom is also blessed with serene environs with different relaxation centres such as beaches, mangrove forests, five-star hotels, lovely recreation centres, etc. If you intend visiting Akwa Ibom and you don’t know exactly where to relax or catch some fun, here are five beautiful places you can visit in Akwa Ibom.

  1. Ibeno Beach

Located in Ibeno LGA of Akwa Ibom state, Ibeno beach is a 30 km-long beach of clean sea sand that attracts visitors and tourists both within and outside the country on a regular basis. The beach gives a good opportunity to participate in recreational activities and water sports like swimming, surfing, etc. Ibeno beach is also a good choice for parties and picnics.

2. De Choice Mall

De Choice Mall is an ultra-modern shopping centre located in 5/7 Ikot Ekpene Road by Ibom Plaza, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom, which has embedded in it, a lot of shops to cater for the different needs of any individual. Right there in De-Choice, there are furniture shops, electronics stores, beauty shops, pharmacy, eatery, etc. It also has a playing ground for children. That means, you can visit De Choice with little ones and be sure they’ll enjoy themselves too. It is  a very conducive place for parents and children to sit out and enjoy dinner.

3. Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre

Modelled after South Africa’s Sun City, Ibom Tropicana is indeed a place of entertainment.  You can choose to see a movie in the cinema, or sit out with friends in the eatery or just stroll around relishing the ambience of Ibom Tropicana. It is a good place to create memories with loved ones by catching as much fun as you can and taking as many pictures as you’d love. 

4. Ibom Hotel and Resorts

Located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Ibom Hotel in Uyo is the largest golf resort in Nigeria. The resort has over 135 hectares of land with enough recreational facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center/ gym, a sauna, a steam bath, a boutique, golf shop, and an excellent restaurant and bar. The resort has a Marina club where people go to engage in a number of recreational activities such as table tennis, squash, lawn tennis, snooker, table soccer, and board games. Ibom Hotel and Resorts offers you luxury and comfort at a go.

Now you know just four of the many beautiful places to visit in Akwa Ibom. When next you go visiting Akwa Ibom, you should check those places out. Truly, they are worth your time and money.

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