Airline Reviews: Delta Air Lines by Eva.

Based on popular demand, we have introduced ‘Airline Reviews’ to our list. Have you had any great experience with an airline worthy of commendation? Have you had terrible experiences too? We’d love to read your story, so feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly details.

Eva shares her travel experience on board Delta Air Lines when she embarked on a well deserved vacation to the USA. In her words “I had an amazing experience on board Delta Air Lines. Customer service was fantastic, the crew members were courteous and professional and our flight was on time. It was my first experience with Delta, from the City of London to Detroit, Colorado, New York City and it was a pleasant one”.

As the saying goes “You define a good flight by negatives: you didn’t get hijacked, you didn’t crash, you didn’t throw up, you weren’t late, and you weren’t nauseated by the food. So you are grateful”. 🙂

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