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My Review of Flying With Etihad Airways

This was my first experience on Etihad Airways.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos to Abu Dhabi International Airport;

This part of  the journey was operated on Air Seychelles Airbus A330. We were given a menu option of jollof rice with fish, pasta in cream cheese and white rice with beef. We also had a variety of drinks to choose from. Total flight time was about 7:15hrs and I enjoyed every moment enroute Abu Dhabi.

Worthy of commendation is the amiable Alexandra Tsaka, a flight attendant who made ‘our’ experience on-board (Lagos- Abu Dhabi) unforgettable. This lady was pleasant, patient and cheerful. We watched her respond to issues timeously, offer individual attention with the right attitude and refill ‘our’ cups whenever they were empty. Now who wouldn’t love Alexandra Tsaka? 🙂

I had a layover of 7 hours before my connecting flight to New York so I checked into Aerotel-Airport Transit Hotel to freshen up and rest for a bit before proceeding to the boarding gate.


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Abu Dhabi International Airport to JFK International Airport, New York;

Etihad has a US Customs and Border Protection Pre-Clearance facility in Abu Dhabi Airport that allows US bound passengers to process all immigration, customs and agriculture inspections before they depart. This means when you arrive, you will be treated as a domestic passenger and would proceed directly to ‘baggage claim’. The procedure takes time due to the long queue of passengers, therefore you should allow enough time before your flight for the pre-clearance.

My 13 hour experience on-board the Etihad A380 from Abu Dhabi International Airport to JFK International Airport, New York was pleasant. Etihad Airplanes have WiFi and mobile phone enabled services for you to stay connected to friends, family and work during your flight.


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JFK International Airport, New York to Abu Dhabi International Airport;

My return flight from New York was easy but the food was horrendous. Who serves rice with okra please (with no meat)? 🙁  Luckily I packed some snacks with me and that was my saving grace.


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Etihad has a complimentary coach service that convey passengers from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai (Etihad Travel Mall in Downtown Dubai- Near Noor Bank Metro Station). Ensure you book this service ahead of schedule.

Abu Dhabi International Airport to Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos;

Now we were treated like second class citizens on our return trip to Lagos. Our boarding gate was changed three times and we did the ‘Isrealite Journey’ from Terminal 1 to 3, only to be transported via the shuttle bus to the foot of the aircraft. Then we had to carry our bags all the way up. But Why? 🙁

We got on board the aircraft and the menu said ‘Goodnight, we will serve you a full breakfast before we land in the morning’. 🙁

Well, the full breakfast eventually came and it was worth the wait. 🙂

Will I fly Etihad Airways again? Absolutely! They have one of the best fleets and I forgive them for the rice and okra. 🙂

Have you flown on Etihad Airways before? Tell us about your experience.


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