Adventures in Seychelles

Adventures in Seychelles by Emma- Day 3

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

So, I’m in Seychelles for a summer vacation with the ladies and it is Day 3 of our trip. We had drawn up our itinerary for the entire trip with a few last minute re-adjustments.

Last night, we decided we were going hiking early in the morning but before we finally got set for this trail it was midday. We took the bus from Bel Ombre to the start of the trail.

I had my bottle of water with me as we hiked through the rocky mountains, caves and little wooden bridges.  As we kept climbing the mountains, little rains kept drizzling from time to time getting us wet which was a bit of a discouragement for me but i kept going. It was tough and i was panting all the way but my girls kept encouraging me. We stopped at various heights on the mountain to admire and take pictures of the Indian Ocean, the beach and the coastline.

Finally, we got to the mountain top, located the beach and made our way down to relax before taking a boat ride back to our hotel apartment! We were too tired to hike back!! ūüôā

So, yayyyy!!! I went hiking for the first time and it was a great adventure.

My pictures can tell my story.


There you have it… my¬†Adventures in Seychelles!

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