Nature Luxury Lodge

A Review of my Stay at Nature Luxury Lodge Ouidah

If you are looking to rent a property for a getaway with friends/family to unwind and relax, then Nature Luxury Lodge is the perfect destination. I was astonished when I visited this charming, eco-friendly 3 bedroom house, sited on a lake amidst nature, with such an amazing ambiance.

My friends and I did a West Africa Tour in April 2018 and our trip included a stay at this beautiful lake house.

Nature Luxury Lodge is located 2km from Casa del Papa Resort and 8km from Porte Du Non-Retour (Gate of No Return) in Ouidah, Republic of Benin. It is located an hour, thirty minutes from Seme Border.

At Nature Luxury Lodge, the apartment is well-equipped with 2 toilets, a bathroom (with a washing machine and toiletries), a kitchenette with cooking utensils, spices, coffee, and tea. There are books available on site and you can engage in activities such as fishing and kayaking.


  • Nature Luxury Lodge is charming, eco-friendly and perfect for a short stay away from home. I particularly loved the bathroom and the sitting area by the lake. There is everything to love about this property.
  • The property is safe. There is a watchman on site and the house is well barricaded with mosquito nets
  • You can make your own barbecue. The fisherman delivered fish for us to make our own barbecue. Spices were available in the kitchen.
  • A generator is available on site.
  • Complimentary WiFi is also available.
  • There is ample parking on this property.


  • There were lots of mosquitoes outside at night which made it impossible to sit out for our barbecue night. The host however provided mosquito repellants.
  • It gets really dark outside at night and there are no lightings outside to provide visibility.
  • There are no air conditioners. However, it gets really airy and cool at night, you’ll hardly notice there are no cooling systems.

The Exterior

The Living Room/Kitchenette


The Rooms

The Bathroom

The Lake


Team Wakaholic


Contact the owner on +33788782340 or +22995398906


Rates as at April 2018: EUR150/night



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