Road Trip from Lagos, Nigeria to Togo and Republic of Benin

Road Trip to Togo and Republic of Benin

It was my second road trip across Seme Border and this time, I traveled through Republic of Benin and Togo. If you missed my first shocking road trip experience from Lagos, Nigeria to the Republic of Benin, read here.

Here is a summary of my Road Trip from Lagos , Nigeria to Togo and Republic of Benin:

Lagos to Seme Border

We took a vehicle charter service with Chisco Transport for our 4-day trip. We set out by 8:30am and arrived Seme Border by 11:30am. The clearance process at Seme Border took 45 minutes.

Seme Border to Togo

Once we crossed the Seme border, the journey to Togo took approximately 3 hours. The Togolese border was more organized compared to the Seme Border. We all alighted the vehicle and crossed the border on foot before joining the bus ahead. It took us an average of 15mins at the border.

The drive from the border to our hotel in Lome took 35mins. We checked into Hotel Residence Madiba, a beautiful beach hotel in Avepozo area of Lome.

We were in Lome to relax and unwind and we made sure that happened. The next day, we set out to explore the city, making stops at the National Monuments, markets, public beaches, and restaurants.

Lome to Ouidah

We set out by 9:00am and arrived Ouidah, Republic of Benin by 11:30am.  Our first stop was the Door of No Return.

Then, we had lunch at Casa del Papa Resort, which was 2km away from the Nature Luxury Lodge, a Lake House we rented in Ouidah.

The highlight of my trip was definitely my stay at the Nature Luxury Lodge, a charming, eco-friendly 3 bedroom house, sited on a lake amidst nature, with such an amazing ambiance. There, we learned how to make our own punch drink, had a barbecue night out, did some kayaking and purchased some souvenirs.

Nature Luxury Lodge

If you missed my review of this beautiful Lake House, read here.

Ouidah to Lagos

We set out by 1:15pm and by 2:30pm were at the Seme Border.

Tips before you go

  • If you are a frequent traveler, I advise you obtain an Ecowas Travel Certificate to use within the West African region. This is because you may become a target to such greedy officers who may judge you to be rich based on the activities (visas and stamps) on your passport.
  • You can exchange naira for central African franc at the border.
  • If you are driving a private vehicle, ensure you fill your tank at any fuel station before you cross to Benin as fuel is scarce in Benin.
  • The following are the requirements for private vehicles crossing the Seme Border border;
    • International drivers license, valid for one year                                  –  NGN7500
    • International  car registration, valid for one year                                – NGN10000
    • ECOWAS Brown Card (ECOWAS insurance) valid for 3months           – NGN25000 
    Additionally, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of CFA 65,000 (approximately  N40,600) if it is the first time the car is crossing the Seme Border. This money is paid to the Benin authorities even though the official receipt you will be issued will bear CFA 6580.
    On subsequent trips across Seme border, you will be required to show your old documents as evidence that the vehicle has crossed the border before. If you do not carry your old documents together with the new ones, you will be made to pay another CFA 65000.


Have you done a road trip from Lagos Nigeria to Togo and Republic of Benin before? Leave your comments here and tell us about your experience.


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  1. Hi, thanks for blogging about casa del papa. I’m planning a family trip there in Dec and your post on this is an eye opener. Please as per the requirements for a private vehicle to cross the border, are we supposed to obtain the license, ecowas brown card and registration in Nigeria or at the border? Thanks

  2. Thanks. I’m planning a trip to kpalime in Togo this June for a conference. Can you recommend an affordable and good hotel I could stay at kpalime?


      1. Thanks Oto, this was very helpful and I have successfully booked.

        This will be my first time to travel by road outside Nigeria and I have only my international passport.

        Can you kindly recommend a reliable and comfortable transport company that goes from Lagos to Kpalime, Togo?


    1. First, you should obtain a travel passport. Then, plan your trip, go on to find your desired accommodation, research online for best activities that meet your needs, decide on your preferred means of transportation, travel.

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