5 Tips For Travelling on Land in Nigeria

Land travel is the commonest and most popular form of transportation in Nigeria. Travelling on land in Nigeria could be an interesting and eventful experience for the first time traveller or tourist. Every day, millions of commuters move from one location to the other on different roads, using various forms of vehicular movement including cars, lorries, trailers, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles.

When travelling on land in Nigeria, you need to consider the following things.

1. Safety

Safety should be the paramount thing on your mind as you plan to travel on Nigerian roads. Some roads in the country are relatively safe while some are not. Some roads are in bad shape,  some are no-go areas as a result of bad terrain, insecurity, criminality, etc. Take some time and research on the route of your journey. If it is not safe you should use an alternative route.

2. Cost

Depending on your budget, the cost of travelling could be an important factor to consider. If you are on a shoestring budget you would want to use a transport service that is affordable. If you are on a fat budget, you can use a luxurious vehicle. Find out the price in Naira terms of the transport fare and compare with your budget.

3. Means of Transportation

You have to make the decision on what means to use.  Are you travelling on a private vehicle or on a public vehicle? Both have their own peculiarities and experiences. A private vehicle would give you privacy. However, in a public vehicle, you would have to give up your privacy and share the space with fellow passengers. When using public vehicles, use a trusted and reliable transport company. Ensure that the vehicle is in good shape before boarding.

4. Route

A destination can have more than one route. One route can be longer or shorter than the other, one route can be more secure than the other, one route can have more traffic than the other, etc. You need to select the route that is most suitable for you. Select a route that will make you arrive safely and on time. If you are not certain of the route of your journey, make enquiries.

5. Duration of stay at your destination

How long are you staying at your destination? Is it a long term or short term travel? The duration of stay will determine for instance the items you fit into your luggage. It is always best to travel light on all occasions. Big bags and pieces of luggage are heavy and clumsy to carry around. However, if you are staying for a couple of weeks/months or even years at your new destination, it is good practice to pack the essential items that could fill up space in your travelling bag/luggage.

Travelling on land in Nigeria could an interesting or boring experience but preparation is key to arrive safely and timely at your destination.

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