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5 Smart Travel Safety Tips

Travelling is such a beautiful thing, especially in retrospect. With the prevalence of smartphones and public Wi-Fi networks, identity theft is a real concern for travellers. It is therefore important that you are reminded of certain travel safety tips.

This article will help you identify certain areas you should exercise caution and provide some travel safety tips.

1- Avoid the Use of Public WiFi

Do not use public WiFi for financial transactions or activities that require your password. These connections are usually unsecure and information sent over such networks may be visible to others.

Change your password whenever you observe any suspicious activities on any of your accounts. Ensure you do not respond to dubious messages or emails requesting that you change your password. Always confirm the source of such messages/mails and the url of such request, even when it appears unsuspecting.

2- Keep Your Cellphones Password Protected.

It is very important to put a password on your phone and other devices. Most people ignore this and run risk of having their phones and other devices accessed by anyone at any time. Put a password on your phone and ensure no one can grab your phone and begin to access your personal information.

There are also device tracking applications for smartphones that allow you to track or shut down your device if it is stolen. Others have applications that wipe the entire record on the phone after a number of failed password attempts- usually 10. Note that you must activate this function for it to be effective.

Do everything you can to protect your identity and financial information on your phone and tablet.

3- Protect Your Home

Don’t forget about the safety of your home while you are away. Don’t assume that thieves only rob rich people. You are rich enough for any thief determined to visit you.

Keep your home safe and also turn off redundant electrical devices while you are away. Let a neighbour know that you won’t be around, that way they can monitor movement around your house. You can also install automated light-control devices that turn lights on and off on a schedule while you are away.

Don’t be so anxious to get out of town that you forget to secure your house before you do.

4- Limit Your Disclosure on Social Media

I know most people like to update friends and family about their travels, nevertheless, you should do so wisely. Avoid real-time updates.

Paying yourself a salary
Mt. Trebevic in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is totally okay to share photos and stories at your destination, however, avoid the constant update on social media about your daily progress. Another travel safety tip is to post about an experience a day or 2 after you visited a particular place. There are too many horror stories about thieves and con artists using social media vacation updates to ruin what could have been an experience of a lifetime.

5- Do Not Pack More Than You Need

Never travel with more than you need. Leave the jewelleries and expensive gadgets at home and travel only with what your need.

I hope you find these travel safety tips useful.

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