5 Reasons Gabon Is A Must-visit Travel Destination In Africa

Gabon is a country located on the equator and the Western Coast of Central Africa. With a population of over 2.1 million people, Gabon which is a developing African nation is one of the region’s more stable countries.

Besides it being a relatively safe destination to travel to in Africa, Gabon is truly a place worth exploring and you should visit Gabon right now.

Its capital, Libreville is the nation’s biggest and most developed city.

Here are 5 reasons Gabon is a Must-visit Travel Destination in Africa.

  1. Gabon’s Unspoilt Nature

Blessed with an abundance of rainforest largely due to its location, Gabon is one such place in West Africa where you can experience the true beauty of wildlife diversity in their natural habitat.

Gabon is also home to about 50% of Africa’s forest elephants, all types of trees, plants, and exotic animals. Wildlife enthusiasts and eco- conservationists will surely love to visit this country.

  1. Unique crocodile caves and a perfect bird-watching location.

Gabon holds the world’s largest population of birds. The country hosts almost 700 recorded species of birds and it is also a nesting home to a large number of leatherback turtles and the olive ridley turtles which makes turtle watching an entertaining sport.

Did you know that Gabon is the only country in Africa that is a roosting ground for certain crocodile species? In 2010 some caves believed to be inhabited by particular crocodiles were discovered by a scientist in Gabon, such caves had never been seen in Africa. Now this is one of the reasons Gabon is a must-visit travel destination in Africa

  1. Gabon Is the last Eden on Earth

Gabon indeed has a lot of naturally stunning environments and beautiful beaches. While in Gabon you should visit the entrancing Makokou and Kongou falls whose beauty is often compared to the Niagara falls. The falls are also a tourist-friendly destination in the area.

  1. At Gabon, you just do not know what to expect.

A visit to Gabon will surely give you a unique feeling as Gabon is not too touristy. I must say that not too many people have travelled to Gabon as it is still an unpopular travel destination.

Gabon promises to give a uniquely personal experience and one that is away from the chatter of online resources as it is a country that is rarely talked about.  If you enjoy receiving full attention on every trip, then Gabon should be one of your must-visit list travel destinations in Africa.

  1. Learn about the mystical world

Are you looking out for a spiritual adventure? You should visit Gabon.

The mystical pre-Christian Bwiti cult which is still being maintained in Gabon promises a journey into higher consciousness,  and to help find your spiritual path with the help of the roots of the iboga plant which is a hallucinogenic plant.

Final words:

There are more than 5 reasons why Gabon is a must-visit travel destination in Africa, the unique Gabon recipes which are simply superb are one of them. Visit Gabon.

Have you visited Gabon before? Share your experience here.

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