What You Can Take From The Hotel

What You Can Take From The Hotel Room

The last time you stayed at a hotel, did you steal anything from the room? If you took the shampoo, soap or conditioner, the body lotion or the slippers that the hotel provided, that’s not stealing.

The hotel is more or less expecting those items to walk away, but what about other tempting items like the bathrobe or the large bath sheets the hotel provides? Those are a no-no.

Some hotel guests have a twisted sense of entitlement. One person walked out with the hotel’s piano. Another stole the actual fireplace from his room (he chiseled it out of the wall). That’s insane.

Here’s what you can take from the hotel. Stationery and pens with the hotel’s logo are ok. But these days, everything is coded or at least accounted for in hotels. That ranges from small clock radios to the beds and from bathrobes to silverware. One of the reasons hotels ask for your credit card when you check in is to be able to charge you later for things that might have disappeared from the rooms.


What You Can Take From The Hotel

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