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5 Destinations in Africa You Should Consider for Your Next Holiday

Africa is considered one of the pristine tourist destinations in the world. The continent is home to crystal blue beaches, rich and varied wildlife, and a cultural heritage that dates back centuries. Here are five (5) holiday destinations in Africa that you should consider.

1.         Botswana

Coming at the top of the list is Botswana. Hemmed in by South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, this quiet and idyllic southern African nation is home to the Okavango Delta, considered one of the most sought after wilderness destinations on the planet. Located in the Kalahari basin, it is home to a variegated mix of wildlife and vegetation.

Botswana has a very rich cultural heritage, with visitors open to exploring the San history at the Tsodilo Hills, which is the ancestral home of the San people. Here, you can also take in their millennia-old rock paintings.

In terms of accommodation, there are options ranging from luxury hotels to budget guesthouse and inns t even camping grounds. For instance, a one-night stay at the Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp costs around $960 per person. You could also consider the Chobe Game Lodge located at the Chobe National Park. To get full information on accommodation and the facilities they provide, visit the Botswana tourism website.

2.         Kenya

Long considered one of the prime holiday hotspots in the continent, this East African country is renowned for its teeming wildlife population, safaris, and excellent climatic conditions. Its beaches are clean and pristine. The best time to consider visiting is between October and March.

If you are looking for a beautiful wellness retreat, then Lamu is your sure bet. In this exquisite location, you can enjoy yoga retreats, exquisite beaches, and a generally relaxed and serene beach environment. To get to the island, you simply board a dhow ferry from Manda Island.

For marine life enthusiasts looking to explore the diversity of marine life in the country, you can explore them at Malindi and Watamu. For birdwatchers, Lake Nakuru is the place to be. If you are interested in the wildlife that has come to define Kenyan tourism, then Amboseli National Park offers a stunning and exquisite array of wildlife views to savour. From here, you can enjoy the glorious view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kenya is rich in cultural heritage, and for those interested in exploring this aspect of Kenya, a trip to the Gede Ruins in Watamu will offer you a beautiful and interesting insight into the culture and history of the Island.

The official language in Kenya is Swahili, so to get a full cultural experience while in the country, it would help to learn how to speak the language, although English is also widely spoken across the country.

Accommodation is not all that pricey, depending of course on your taste. Shella Raoyla House in Lamu, for example, starts at $151. If you are in the Masai Mara region, Mara Luxury Lodge is a great hotel to lodge, with prices starting at $308 per night. To get more information on accommodation, kindly visit the Kenyan Tourism website.

Most countries in Africa only need a passport to gain entry into the country. For those who do need, a single entry visa costs $51.

3.         Lesotho

Thinking about a holiday destination in Africa tuck in the heart of nature? Think no further, as Lesotho provides a prime spot for nature lovers. Visit the country and pamper yourself to the majestic views of the Maloti Mountains, with the best wildlife roaming free throughout the countryside. Lesotho is also one of the very few countries in southern Africa where snow falls, so you can have a great skiing experience during the winter season.

Lesotho is also home to some of the most spectacular parks and game reserves in the continent. The Sehlabathebe National Park offers bird watchers something of an unforgettable experience. At the Ts’enhlanyane National Park, visitors can treat themselves to a view of the wildlife, birds, and flora. Located at the foot of the Holomo Pass at the Maloti Mountains, it is one of the biggest game reserves in the country.

For those interested in wellness and hiking, the Bkong Nature Reserve overlooking the splendid Lepaqoa Waterfall and valley is the perfect place to be.

For accommodation, the Maliba Mountain Lodge offers a nice place to stay, with prices starting at $135 per night. You can also choose to stay at the Sehlabathebe National Park Heritage Lodge or the Sani Lodge. Both accommodations have a start price of $10.

A single visa costs around $150. For more information on visa requirements, you can visit the Lesotho Embassy in your country.

4.         Morocco

Due to its proximity to Europe, Morocco has always been described as one of the African countries with a European feel to it.

For you to enjoy true Moroccan culture and tradition, a trip to the Djemma el Fna Market would be ideal. Located in the Marrakesh medina quarter, it is a shopper’s paradise where artefacts from fashion to artworks are in full display. Here, you can also savour the delicious Moroccan cuisine sold at street-side food stalls.

Morocco is home to the historic Berber culture, and you can learn about this great culture by joining their tours, which is a camel tour where you get to learn about the nomadic life of the people.

If you are a lover of music, then you will enjoy the historic Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, where artists from around the world gather in celebration of Africa’s diverse beauty and heritage. It is a 10-day fiesta that takes places between May and June

For accommodation, you can choose to stay at the Tamsna Hotel in Marrakech, with prices per night starting at $162.also, the Riad Madani is another great option, with a start price of $112 per night.

Only those from the EU are excluded from getting a visa to enter the country. The rest, including those from Africa and Nigeria, will need to process their visa before traveling to the country. For more on visa information, visit the Moroccan embassy in your home country.

5.         Zanzibar

One of Africa’s island paradises, Zanzibar is the perfect getaway destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy pristine blue beaches, paradisiac wildlife, and hotels that rival those in Europe. There are also tons of other smaller islands within the archipelago that you can also explore if you choose to visit Zanzibar.

As a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania, you will need a visa to enter into Tanzania before traveling to the archipelago. The visa processing fee costs $50.

For accommodation, you can check into the Zanzibar Ocean Panorama Hotel, which is a popular spot for tourists. Prices range between $35 to $50, with budget dormitory lodges costing around $20.

This Indian Ocean archipelago offers an enticing holiday destination for those who love marine life. You can take a dive in the clear blue waters, and explore the rich cultural heritage of the island while at it.

Have you visited any of these holiday destinations in Africa?

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