Plane ticket

What would you do with $25,000 and a plane ticket?

So, let’s say you’re given USD25,000 and a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, but you have to leave tonight.

Where would you go?

I’ll opt for a Turkish Airline ticket to North America & include a 10 day stop in Turkey.

When in Istanbul, Turkey, I’ll spend 9 days exploring more destinations in the Balkans. I will purchase a plane ticket from Istanbul to Belgrade (Serbia) 🇷🇸, spend 3 days in Belgrade and then book another flight to connect Tirana (Albania) 🇦🇱 and Pristina (Kosovo) 🇽🇰 and spend a total of 4 days in both cities.

I will return to Belgrade on my 8th day to connect Istanbul the next day, then board my flight to North America, particularly Miami, Florida.

I will spend 3 days in Miami, Florida, then buy multiple tickets to go spend 5 days in Mexico City, 5 days in Cancun 🇲🇽 and 5 days in San José, Costa Rica 🇨🇷.

I will return to Miami and buy another plane ticket to spend the weekend in New Orleans, then end my trip with a 3-Night Luxury trip at The Venetian, Las Vegas.

I will return to Miami to board my return flight to Istanbul for my onward journey to Lagos.

And when I return to Lagos, I’d still have enough money to plan another trip to Sydney & Melbourne, (Australia) 🇦🇺 and Auckland (New Zealand) 🇳🇿

Now what would you do? 😁 Remember, you leave tonight.

plane ticket

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