Jubilee Chalets

Weekened Getaway at Jubilee Chalets Epe, Lagos

Emma is a passionate traveller and a serial entrepreneur.

Here is a review of her experience travelling within the U.S.A.

– The Wakaholic


After exploring North America for two months, I returned home and embarked on a weekend getaway with some of the happiest people on earth.


It was the “Wakaholic Christmas Adventure” and we took the fun to Epe to enjoy the serene Jubilee Chalets located by the Epe River. We arrived on Friday and checked into our various rooms. We got acquainted at dinner and developed a unique bond instantly. The next morning we had breakfast, and then swimming lessons followed.  We also had a baking session with Emma’s Cakes where we made delicious brownies, and a friendly football game with the team. The carol night followed.

We dressed up in white ready for dinner/carol night/ games night. It was stunning. The food was sumptuous and we ate to our satisfaction. As the food digested, we entered into the Carol night mode where we rendered beautiful Christmas songs in unison and then we had some fun games.  Then it was time to retire to our rooms and call it a day! 

Sunday was our departure.  We had breakfast and afterward bade each farewell.  It was a nice and relaxing weekend.

Jubilee Chalets

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