Jubilee Chalets Epe

Wakaholic Family Adventure: Jubilee Chalets Epe

Wakaholic Adventure is a group travel event where we select tourist friendly destinations and explore these places together, creating the best travel experiences, establishing valuable relationships with some of the happiest people on earth, and capturing the most picturesque moments.

For our 2018 Christmas event, we did a road trip to the quiet little town of Epe in Lagos, Nigeria. It was an exciting weekend filled with joyful activities at Jubilee Chalets Epe and we are happy to share our photo story.

Jubilee Chalets

Jubilee Chalets Epe is ideal for both business and leisure travellers as well as residents of the city who desire a refreshing weekend away from home.

Activities for the weekend included work out sessions, swimming lessons, Football match, baking session with @emmascakes, Wakaholic Christmas photo-shoot, Dinner & Carol Night, as well as exciting games & competition. We also did the Epe Fish Market tour.

Our football match was an energetic & hilarious session mostly dominated by amateur players. It was so cute to watch the children play- especially our not-so-little female goalkeepers.

Our dinner and carol night was amazeballs. The food was great, the mood was right & we spent the evening bonding with some of the happiest people on earth.

For a comprehensive review of my stay at Jubilee Chalets Epe, read here.

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