Wakaholic Adventure 2017

Wakaholic Adventure 2017: How to Travel with Friends and Stay Friends

Everyone has different travel styles, and on the road, tensions run high. They say “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love” but I say, learn how to travel awesome even with people you don’t love. Who knows? That may be the beginning of a great friendship.
Travelling solo is one of my favorite ways to see the world but having a great companion is equally awesome.
While we count down to our group travel to the Seychelles Islands, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you are not the one person who ruins an entire trip.

Pack everything you need:
Ensure all your travel documents are intact. Pack a week before your trip, make a list of things you wish to travel with 2 weeks ahead, and gradually tick them off your list before your travel date. Then do a final check before you head out the door.

Read more: How to pack like a pro.

Arrive early at the airport:
We all know that one person who never gets to the airport early. Personally, I love to travel with ease, that is why i arrive at the airport 3 to 4 hours before my international flights.
When you are travelling with a group of people, then you should arrive early enough to check in, settle in and connect with others before your flight.

Be ready to get out of your comfort zones. This is what adventure is about.

Don’t Be Shy About Money:
Traveling cost money; depending on your taste and style, not everyone will hold equal amounts. While we ensure we obtain the best group discount for tours, you must never be shy to indicate that you cannot afford a particular tour.
We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zones and explore as much as they can but do so wisely. Spend what you are comfortable with.

When splitting bills, don’t be that one person who lets other people pay for what you consume without making any contribution.

Feel free to take some time and do the things you want.
Spending day and night with the same people can lead to trouble. You shouldn’t be afraid to excuse yourself from group activities for a little while to catch your breath.
Ensure you reconnect after you exhale.

Leave your worries at home
Worry less about the things you cannot control. The idea of getting away is to take a vacation from all your worries and just have fun.
Maximize the fun and live with no regrets.

Travel with friends

Here are a few guides on what to pack for the Seychelles trip:

With an average temperature of 27°C, expect lots of sunshine, so pack your sunscreens and the following items;
1. Your camera, wallet, cards, cash.
2. Your Swimwear (don’t leave home without it)
3. Sunglasses
4. A Beach Bag
5. Flip flops (get a pretty one)
6. A sun hat
7. Your trainers (we are going hiking)
8. Lots of shorts (show some legs)
9. Lots of casuals. (Ladies, go for short colourful dresses)
10. Bring a white outfit (we love all-white photos)
11. A party wear (we shall Turn-Up)
12. Flat slippers/sandals (go for comfort)

And above all, “Pack the right attitude”.

Seychelles is waiting!!!

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