Visiting Budapest Hungary (Where To Stay)

Budapest is one of the most beautiful European cities that I have visited.

It is bordered by Austria and Slovenia to the west, Croatia and Serbia to the north, Romania to the east, and Slovakia to the north.

Buda and Pest used to be 2 different cities, separated by the Dunabe River, and formerly known as Pest-Buda.

They were unified in 1873, and given the new name Budapest.

Where should you stay when visiting Budapest?

I stayed in the Pest side, which is the busier side with many restaurants and stores within reach. The Buda side is the area around the castle- it is quiet and perhaps prettier.

Nevertheless, it is a walkable city with easy access to taxis, trams, and buses. So it doesn’t matter which side you stay on- you will be close to the main attractions.

Budapest is arguably the prettiest European city.

Have you visited the Hungarian capital? Do you agree with me?

See a video of my experience below.

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