Bratislava Slovakia

Should You Visit Bratislava, Slovakia

Visiting Bratislava: While researching other places I could visit close to Vienna, Bratislava – the Slovakian capital city was a popular option.

It takes just one hour to connect both capital cities.

So, I purchased a train ticket from Wien Hbf to Bratislava

I paid €18 for the return trip – the ticket from Vienna is valid for 3 days, which means you can return to Vienna (within 3 days) using the same ticket.

The ticket also allows free access to public transportation in Bratislava on your first day.

Did Bratislava impress me? 


Moreso, because I had little or no expectations.

However, I did feel like a fish out of water being coloured. I recall an instance when I walked into a restaurant and two ladies kept staring at me like they saw a ghost.

Now, should you visit Bratislava?

Yes. I loved exploring the charming historic old town particularly, and the gorgeous Bratislava Castle.

It was impressive and easy to explore the city.

I shared this experience on YouTube.  Watch the video below

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