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My Visit to Madrid, Spain

I wouldn’t say I am a regular traveler but I do travel whenever I get the opportunity to, and I love it every time I get to visit new places and learn about other cultures. I have visited a few countries and I would love to visit more.

In September 2016, I decided to visit Madrid, Spain with my son for the first time. I heard so much about this particular city from my Spanish colleagues and I was curious to visit Madrid and see things for myself, so I made early plans for our trip. I did my research and obtained adequate information about tourist attractions in Madrid, the do’s and don’ts and how to move around, especially at night.

On September 5, we left for Bologna airport and took a connecting flight to Madrid, arrived Madrid same day about 8:00 pm. After checking in, the first thing I requested for was a tourist map. Yes, every tourist needs that otherwise, moving around may be difficult. I booked a hotel very close to the airport and not too far from the tourist sites I wanted to see.

The next day we set out as early as 9pm. We visited Plaza de Espana, Tempio Debod, Palazzo reale di Madrid, Plaza Mayor, Gran Via, Puorto del Sol & Plaza de Cibeles on our first and second day.

The third day we explored Teleferico di Madrid, a cable car and unique tourist attraction in Madrid that dates back to 1969. We had an aerial view of many of the city’s famous attractions and loved every bit of it. We also explored the amusement park; utilized the drop tower, water ride, train ride, swing ride and the almighty pendulum ride. The pendulum ride is definitely one adventure I will never try again. 🙂

The last day, we went to Parco del Retiro, one of the largest parks in the city with a small lake where you can paddle on a row boat. This was a first experience for me and my son who motivated me to engage in most of these activities.

Madrid is a very lively city and one of the best places I have been to. Spanish people generally are good people, very lively, cheerful, helpful, warm, and accommodating and most of all, being a major tourist destination, most people speak English language. I was impressed and relieved at the same time.


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