Funny Story: First time I used a Laundromat by Tonia.

I remember the first time I used a Laundromat. I was throwing in the coins and it kept coming back to me, which left me totally confused and too embarrassed to ask for help.

Other users were watching me closely, yet ignoring me and acting like it was none of their business. When I got tired of ‘forming’, I walked up to one brother and said,”please my coins keep coming out of the machine, what am I doing wrong?” He explained that I had to throw the coins in harder. Can you imagine? They actually watched me struggle with the machine for about 15mins and couldn’t even assist a ‘struggling sister’. Lol

If you haven’t used one before, familiarize yourself by watching the videos below to avoid stories that touch. Lol

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  1. iprincess July 18, 2016

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