Travelling is more than a hobby!

Travelling is More Than a Hobby

In our current world, the need to travel is more important now than ever. Travelling has become more than a hobby to many people across the world. While some people hold the view that travelling should be done only when necessary, more and more people are realizing that travelling should be an essential activity in our lives.

We need to see the world. The philosopher St Augustine is credited with the famous saying, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page”. If the world is a book then we must endeavour to read as many pages as possible.

Travel has many undeniable advantages.

Travelling is a great form of education. It makes you learn new things. You get to know a lot about different lands and climes. You can even learn and speak new languages.

Travelling opens up your mind. The more you travel the more your mind expands as it entertains new possibilities and ways of doing things. A good traveller assimilates and soaks in the different experiences he or she has gathered in the course of travel.

Travelling gives you exposure and a worldwide view. Have you ever had a conversation with a well-travelled individual? Did you notice the depth and richness of his/her conversations? This is the benefit that comes from being exposed to different cultures, traditions, and societies.

Some people have never left their location for years, they are severely limited in how they see the world and how they think.

This shouldn’t be you. Dust off those bags and hit the road!

‘To travel is to live’ is another popular phrase that expresses the importance of travelling. The interpretation is that if you don’t travel, you haven’t lived well enough. Why go through life without living?

Travelling is more than a hobby, it is therapeutic. Travelling to a serene location can work wonders for the individual. It relaxes and refreshes the nerves. Doctors and psychologists would advise that one leaves chaotic environments and move to quiet and peaceful places to rest. That is why people take vacations to islands, resorts, beaches, etc. If such locations are not in their immediate environment, they have to travel to the places where they can get this experience.

You might not have the funds required to sponsor a grand scale vacation but you can travel in your own little way. You can be moving from one location to another in your town or city, take time and study the environment, the scenes, the people etc, as you move along, you would be surprised at what you would learn.

Travelling is a tree laden with ripe fruits for anyone who cares to harvest from this tree.

It should never be too late to give travelling a trial. Travelling is more than a hobby!

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