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Travel Tip of the Week: Pack Like a Pro

Planning for a trip is as exciting as the trip itself. IĀ love packing for a trip and I always allow enough time to pack, unpack and repack only the necessary items. On the other hand, unpacking after a trip isn’t one of my favorite things. šŸ™

How you should pack;

  • Make a checklist and organize your things neatly- placing heavy items at the bottom of your box/bag and spreading them evenly. Ensure you pack your underwear and shoes inside separate bags before placing them in the travel bag. I see people place dirty shoes with clean clothing or have their underwear staring at you in the face while submitting to custom checks. But why? šŸ™
  • Do your laundry before you pack. If you are unable to do your laundry before your return or onward journey, ensure you separate dirty clothes from the clean ones. Pack them into a separate laundry bag before placing them in your travel bag. Same goes with shoes.
  • Have toiletries, liquids and gels packed in a separate plastic bag before placing them in your travel bag.
  • Fragile items should be padded with fabrics to avoid damage.
  • Your carry on bag should have a spare outfit, and a miniature toilet bag containing basic things you may require for a long layover. Be careful not to pack liquids or gels exceeding the required 3.4 ounces (100ml) and ensure you pack them in a transparent, resealable plastic bag as required when passing through airport security screening.

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